Combat Juice

– New affliction: Hobbled.
* This is basically a new generic affliction to provide interactions between various abilities.
* Delays any movement attempt you make and is cured once you successfully move.
* This is considered a physical delay and not an environmental delay.
* Sleeping for a short while will get rid of it, if you get stuck somehow.
– Some limb messages have been rewritten:
* ‘The poultice has little to no effect on your .’ has been changed to ‘It has little to no effect on your .’.
* ‘You have restored your as best as you can!’ has been changed to ‘You move your freely, the bone now restored.’.
* This is to make it fit better with skills that heal limb damage.

– The ‘enemy_sense’ and ‘combined_powers’ ilmenite bracer no longer triggers multiple times if a group crosses into the area.
* This removes it revealing the size of an enemy group and allows for some obfuscation.

– Marking has been reworked:
* Use MARK to apply a debuff on someone in the same room (different elevation allowed).
* The next non-passive damage source is turned into a critical hit, doubling the damage.
* Lasts for one use or 30 seconds.

Battlefury / Riving
– Duality / Duplicity balance recovery reduced by 0.1 seconds.
– Duality / Duplicity now use full balance even if the second swing is prevented.
– Doubleswing / Fell damage in PvP has been increased a little bit.
– Doubleswing / Fell now use full balance even if the second swing is prevented.
– The Mastery talent Opportunizing has been moved to a two-handed talent.

Corpus / Ascendance
– Frenzy / Denounce damage in PvP has been reduced a little bit.

Devotion / Apocalyptia
– Hands / Reinforce now additionally heals a random affliction when performed on another.

– Time sphere reworked a little:
* Increases bal/eq recovery by 1 second with 5 or more people in the room.
* Increases bal/eq recovery by another second with 10 or more people in the room (max 2 seconds).

– When a successful use of Sealing occurs, it will refresh the timer of any other placed seals.

– New Skill: Carefree.
* This will strip the density defence when the suggestion activates.

– New Skill: Nurture.
* Allows you to heal 50% of limb damage on another person.
– Removed Skill: Recursion.
– Kai Trance has been reworked:
* No longer provides kai per an attack.
* Now generates 9 kai every 3 seconds when there is an enemy in the room.
* For each enemy beyond that, it will generate an extra 3 kai.
* 1 kai is lost every 3 seconds when there is no enemies.
– Upon turning on Kai Trance, your kai will be set to 100.
– Kai Trance now takes 6 seconds to turn on, up from 5.
– Kai Trance now uses 4 seconds of balance to turn on.
– Kai Trance now requires your throat to be undamaged to turn on.
– KAI HEAL ALL heal has been increased to 20% of max health, up from 15%.

– Tempo and Rhythm has had its damage in PvP increased.
– Tempo can no longer be dodged if the target has self-loathing.
* This is not true for Rhythm however.
– Hiltblow now does blunt damage, instead of cutting damage.
– Crackshot stun has been increased to 0.75 seconds, up from 0.5.
– Guilt balance upset has been increased to 0.75 seconds, up from 0.25.
– Guilt balance recovery time increased to 2.25 seconds, up from 2.

Primality / Alchemy
– Chainlightning / Overcharge can now strike five enemies, instead of two.
– Chainlightning / Overcharge now consumes 2 energy / volatility, up from 1.

Naturalism / Botany
– Barrier / Envelop will now give prismatic barrier in addition to shielding them.

Savagery / Warding
– Spinning / Lacerate now use full balance even if the second swing is prevented.
– Doublebash / Maul now use full balance even if the second swing is prevented.

Sorcery / Runecarving
– Spectre / Toil cooldown reduced to 2 seconds, down from 3.

Spirituality / Subjugation
– Overwhelm / Deface will now additionally knock the target to the ground.
* This still requires them first to be prone (HELP PRONE), but it means you can knock someone to the ground who is paralysed.

– Abduct now additionally drains some mana from the target.
– Vortex now additionally causes magical damage to the target when it drags them through.
* The damage only occurs if they are an enemy.
– Vortex can now reach all adjacent rooms around the wormhole on the end of it.

Tarot / Hyalincuru
– Ripping Adder / Diamond now causes a small amount of cutting damage on top of the bleeding.
* The damage caused by this is non-lethal, but the bleeding is not.

Terramancy / Wavebreaking
– New Skill: Earthenmaw / Spearfall.
* Impales all enemies in room and adjacent who are prone.
* After 5 seconds, all enemies who are still impaled are dragged underground. BURROW ABOVE to escape.
* Requires soft ground in order for them to be dragged underground.

Penned by my hand on Kinsday, the 14th of Arios, in the year 509 MA.