Combat Changes

– Physical disruption now increases the length of WRITHE by 1 second.
– Physical disruption now only works on writhe impale, rather then all physical writhes.
– Haemophilia now causes the Clotting skill to fail 80% of the time, up from 33%.
– Chance for Dizziness to make you fall is increased to 40%, up from 20%.
– Stun duration reduction has been lowered to 15% per stack, down from 20%.

– Doublestab now causes 60 bleeding per hit, 120 total.
– The amount of bleeding caused by Slit (including bonuses) has been doubled.
– The asphyxiation damage caused by Noose has been increased.
– The bonus damage from Snipe has been doubled.

Battlefury / Riving
– Battlecry / Anguish will now knock you prone if you are not deaf.

– Pushing siege weapons balance recovery lowered to 2 seconds, down from 4.

– Restoration can now be applied to LEGS and ARMS without it failing.

Domination / Contracts
– Pit / Maw will now ignore levitation if three or more people ENSORCELL / SPELLBIND it.

– Banish no longer requires you to be unafflicted.
– Banish no longer has a room-tether based cooldown.
– Banishing a player now places a cooldown on them preventing anyone else from banishing them again for 30 seconds.
– The amount of time a player is banished has been altered, and is now 2 seconds times the amount of enemies within the room.
* This amount of time is capped at 12 seconds total.

Psionics / Egotism
– Disable / Outlaw now requires your opponent to not have the clarity defence again.

– New Skill: Phantom.
* Grants you 20% extra damage in a room that you recently died in.
* This is marked as a restricted skill and won’t work in restricted zones.

Shamanism / Experimentation
– Omen / Casuality will now shatter magical shields when it lands.

– Worldburn can now be used outside of Holy Wars.
– Worldburn now has a cooldown of 8 hours instead of having 3 uses.
– Worldburn SE cost has been increased to 250,000, up from 50,000.
– Encompass hinder chance has been increased to 60%, up from 40%.

– The mana cost of Clotting is now marked as a drain.
– The ‘mana_boon’ artifact now only reduces the mana drain of Clotting by 20%, down from 33%.
* This is so that we can better stabilize bleeding strategies for everyone.
* You can request a refund for this artifact if this no longer suits your needs via ISSUE.

– Tree tattoo will now cure a second affliction if three or more people have attacked you recently.

– Troop RNG for deaths in combat is now determined by PRD.
* This means it is now -less- likely to have streaks that result in large swings, although it is still possible.
* Just less, not completely removed.

– Greenheart cooldown reduction reduced to 2 seconds, up from 3.

– Envenom and Targeting have been swapped with each other in the skillset.
* This will place Envenom pretty low and make it easier to obtain.

– Horologe can now break magical shields when it triggers.

Zeal / Brutality
– Jawcrack / Slug will no longer cause blurry vision.
– Disunion / Exhilarate bal/eq righting lowered to 0.3 seconds, down from 0.6.

– Wielding a shield now reduces your dodge rate by 2%.

Penned by my hand on Kinsday, the 1st of Chakros, in the year 507 MA.
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