Classleads October 2021 – Part 2

– [2834] It is no longer possible to obtain multiple antiquated rings.
* Those with extra have had them turned back into salvage and placed into their inventory.

– [2460] Nexus no longer expends bio energy while active.
– [2460] Nexus now drains both endurance and willpower while active.

– [2715] Firelash water resonance now additionally increases limb damage by 2%.
* This will also increase flamewreath limb damage by 1%.

– [2639] Zenith no longer occurs faster when moving if you have more than one curable affliction.

– [2835] Enrapture failure now only clears your resonance instead of destroying the fulcrum.
* It also now has a proper interrupt message instead of a place holder.

– [2798] Identify now shows you the first step towards a located denizen.
* I’ve also fixed it to work properly and show all rooms rather then some.