Classlead June 2024 – part 3 (end)

– [3439] Aeon reworked, will now freeze cooldowns in place while afflicted.

Battlefury / Riving
– [3445] Removed Skill: Gripping.
– [3445] Disembowel no longer adds an extra ‘bowelgore’ stack if you use a two-handed weapon.

Deathlore / Ancestry
– [3447] Hound / Manifest now has full access to traits and max level in fighting pits.

– [3423] You can now refresh your enchantment uses/decay time by re-enchanting it.

– [3427] Vampires and ascended Akkari can now use EMBRACED / EVANGELISED to see whom they have brought into their ranks.

– [3462] Rhythm can now proc on denizens for an extra attack.
* Damage has been divided into two-thirds on the first hit, and one-third on the second hit.

– [3473] The Signs ability can be used while not in the Infiltrator class, as long as you own it.
– [3473] Added SIGN CODE as a way to encode your messages, if you'd like to.

Penned by my hand on Kinsday, the 18th of Haernos, in the year 4 AC.