Antiquated Sceptre

Hi folks,

We have a brand new antiquated salvage artifact to release today: the sceptre of histrionics!

The antiquated sceptre is themed around roleplay, and is host to a variety of powers that can be used to enhance a scene or grant your character some dramatic flair.

There are 14 levels of power to this artifact, including:
– Illusory props to set a scene.
– Change your news post signatures.
– Pseudonyms for published books and news posts alike.
– Project emotes across distances.
– Customise your mail delivery message.

And a lot more! You can read HELP ANTIQUATED SCEPTRE for the full list of powers. New to antiquated artifacts? Check out HELP ANTIQUATED also for a full overview of the system.

Its features are easily expandable, so if you have a hot prop idea you’d like to see added to it, more fruit choices, new signoffs, or whatever else, make sure to file an idea!

Composed at my desk on Tisday, the 14th of Sapiarch, in the year 5 AC.