Capture the flag

Hello folks!

It’s been a fair while, hasn’t it? Dusted off for this weekend, the CTF game (HELP CTF) will make its splash return!

For those of you who are new and perhaps don’t know what the CTF is, the CTF is a large arena in which various teams compete to capture the other teams flag. Upon doing so, it can be returned back your base to score point!

But there’s a twist!

From the start of the CTF, siege weaponry will be available for use within the arena in order to either defend your flag, or shoot down your opponents who are desperately trying to defend their own.

And of course, part way through Dhaest, the red wyvern will awaken from his slumber! Kite this monster towards your enemies who have gathered together, and have him smash apart their fortifications so you can break through and grab their flag!

Unlike previous CTF games, this one will be done as a city vs. city CTF. As such, there will be four flags up for grabs instead of the usual two.

To find the specific time this will take place, please see EVENTS INFO 467 and ensure you have configured your timezone under CONFIG.

See you then!

Penned by my hand on Closday, the 23rd of Ios, in the year 508 MA.
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