April in Aetolia!

Hi folks!

April has arrived and that means it’s time for a new promotion! Later in the month we’ll have the first round of auctions for the year, but in the meantime the Wheel of Fates has returned to Aetolia!

Logging in for at least an hour each day earns a free spin and premium skull tokens with higher value prizes can be obtained from the Aetolia website at www.aetolia.com/credits!

Those who obtain skull tokens can [0;1;37mSPIN WHEEL OUTER SKULL[0m up to three times to determine their prize category followed by [0;1;37mSPIN WHEEL INNER SKULL[0m to win prizes from the following:

Outer Wheel – Credits:
Credit prizes (unbound) ranging from 33-250.

Outer Wheel – Iron Coins:
Iron Coins (unbound) ranging from 20-100.

Outer Wheel – Lessons:
Lesson prizes ranging from 250-500.

Outer Wheel – Artifact:
Artifacts ranging from 50 credits in value up to 2000 credits in value.

Outer Wheel – Items:
Chocolate bags, elemental globes, fireworks, customisation certificates, discount vouchers, compendium pages*, minipets**, style scrolls*** artifact tattoo tokens, a low chance at morphic metal and antiquated salvage.

Outer Wheel – Relic:
Coffers with relic pieces for: sensemirror, starchart, lifesense, hunters_book, rubble, veil_vines, veil_darkness, and super_ear

NOTE: Coffers will always have at least 2 pieces

* Pages this month include: Ayhesa, Skythrone, Xaanhal, Festering Wastes, the Mannaseh Swamp, Ollin, and the Volcano

** Minipets this month include: an oversized jumping spider, a large fire ant, a crimson millipede, a three-tailed cat demon, a brown calf, and an orange-beaked puffin

*** Styles available this month are: drunken, stormy, underhanded, lazy, telekinetic, and confident. These have been updated to include Bloodborn and Runecarver!

HELP WHEEL OF FATES now has all of the up to date information! Purchases of tokens also reward Guild and City credits, there’s a 500 credit bonus on every 500th spin! You can also find a skull token in the milestone wares for April!


Penned by my hand on Quensday, the 4th of Variach, in the year 509 MA.