April 2024 auctions

Hi folks!

Shortly after this post, a round of auctions will be going live! There are 9 credit auctions, 5 iron coin auctions, and 7 gold auctions.

Some notes:

– The auctions will run for 10 real days.
– Any artifacts bought through auctions (including gold items) cannot be traded in or have their powers transferred.
– Credit and iron coin auctions do not require you to have the credits/iron coins on hand to bid.
– Gold auctions do require you to have the gold on hand to bid.
– We allow a week to gather the winning bid amount when auctions end. Failure to meet the bid amount after this time will result in the loss of your character until the cost is settled.
– Bound credits and bound iron coins CAN be used to pay for auctions.
– HELP AUCTIONS and HELP AUCTIONHOUSE both have additional details.

– [0;1;37mBids are final, and we will generally not reverse mistakes.[0m If something needs to be clarified about an item, you are welcome to ask me for more details before bidding. Please be absolutely sure before placing a bid.

Without further ado, here are the listings that are going live. Once they’re up, you will see information on the lots using AUCTION INFO .

[0;1;33m(NEW!)[0m [0;1;37mA critter taxidermy kit[0m
– If you have the corpse of a small critter (10 oz or less weight), you can transform it with the syntax of ADOPT GUISE OF . This grants you the same benefits and mechanics of the Bard Mundane ability, which is prevented by all the same things.

[0;1;33m(NEW!)[0m [0;1;37mA coral shield of Denan Arloi[0m
– You can RAISE SHIELD, and after a 3-second channel, you’ll enter a second channelled state where the first person that hits you in-room causes the shield to wash everybody else away, leaving only you and your attacker behind.
– Those that get washed away will be sent into a random adjacent room.
– The effect only fires on an attack that directly targets you, AoE skills won’t trigger it.
– Needs to be wielded to use and confers 20/20 armour stats.
– We will let you select the shield type it is at the point of purchase (buckler, tower, etc).

[0;1;33m(NEW!)[0m [0;1;37mA galvanising claw of the Ascendant Huntress[0m
– Recovered after the raid upon Spinesreach, this discarded claw from Lisha, the Ascendant Huntress, will double your current hitpoints when you BRANDISH CLAW, bypassing your maximum.
– Your health must be at 95% or higher to use.
– Has 3 charges of use. Will replenish 1 charge every hour.

[0;1;33m(NEW!)[0m [0;1;37mA Glandor Magician’s wand[0m
– POINTing the wand at someone will place a debuff on them for 30 seconds. Upon leaving the room with this debuff, they will be afflicted by writhe_stasis after 5 seconds have passed.
– Takes 4 seconds bal/eq to use.

[0;1;33m(NEW!)[0m [0;1;37mTomor’s quiver of versatility[0m
– While worn, it allows you to shoot any arrows from it without consuming the arrow itself.
– Yes, any arrow type, including all the arrows sold in the sect shop.
– You must have at least one of that arrow in your quiver.

[0;1;37mVillage shop token[0m
– Open a shop in an NPC village of your choice, subject to RP and administrative approval. Check with us before bidding if you need more clarification.
– Esterport is not a viable location.
– Your taxes will be set to the village in question, and the shop will be repossessed if you default on your bills, though you can reopen it should you settle your debts.
– It also requires you to remain in good standing with the village where it’s located.

[0;1;37mA neverending anabiotic pill[0m
– As the name suggests, this anabiotic pill will never deplete, no matter how many times you eat it.

[0;1;37mInking tools[0m
– Allows you to ink tattoos twice as fast.
– Tattoos with ‘charges’ will have double uses (not including starburst).
– Removes the need for inks, including obsidian ink.

[0;1;37mAn oddly-sloping shield of absorption[0m
– When wielded, it gives you a 15% chance to completely negate the damage from a blunt/cutting attack.
– Provides 6/6 armour stats.
– The owner of this shield can select the shield type at the point of purchase (buckler, tower, etc.).
– This is once only and won’t affect its armour stats.

[0;1;33m(NEW!)[0m [0;1;37mCustom skill message[0m
– This will grant you the right to personalise any single skill message in the game, for you and you alone. If it’s a channelled skill, we’ll let you personalise all messages of the channel, too.
– Subject to RP and administrative approval.
– The skill will still need to make sense for all the mechanics affecting it. A magic attack will still need to be a magic attack. An attack stopped by a broken arm can’t be using your legs instead, etc.
– The skill still needs to adhere to the lore of the class.
– If you have a skill you want customised but want some help, the Pools will gladly assist!
– If the skill is changed or deleted, you will be contacted to do any necessary rewrites or to pick a new skill.

[0;1;37mA recursive dollhouse[0m
– This dollhouse sits within your house and allows you to manipulate anybody that stands within your house.
– PROBE it to reveal everybody currently in your house.
– SHAKE it, and it will violently expel all visitors in your castle.
– TOUCHing anyone in the house will teleport you to them.
– PLUCK someone, and it will teleport them to you instead.

[0;1;37mA relic token[0m
– Redeem this token and claim any fully completed relic of your choosing.
– Retired relics such as venom rags are not available!
– It cannot be used for the full ilmenite bracer combo relic.
– Ask in advance if you aren’t sure.

[0;1;37mA link of the ethereal[0m
– This relic artifact allows you to create a portal between your haven and another’s.
– The owner of the other haven must agree to the portal being placed.
– Refer to RELIC INFO HAVENLINK for more information.

[0;1;37mPower: icepocket[0m
– An upgraded version of the coldpocket power; this can be added to any container. It will slow food decay within that container by a factor of 14.

[0;1;33m(NEW!)[0m [0;1;37mA Top Rock’s barrel of incendiary delight[0m
– Created by the mythical Kobolds of Top Rock, this barrel packs a punch!
– Unfortunately, being Kobolds, they forgot to put in a fuse so it cannot explode on its own.
– PLACE this item in the room. The next Bombcrafting explosive to go off will trigger it, dealing heavy room-wide damage. Base damage is roughly equal to the old Holocaust skill.
– The barrel can be attacked and destroyed after it is placed to prevent this. It has 2000 health.
– Damage type is half fire/half blunt, and damage source is knowledge (wisdom).
– The item will reset back to its owner 30 minutes after use (effectively a cooldown).

[0;1;37mRelic piece token[0m
– Redeem this token for any relic piece
– Artifact moulds are not included as an option.

[0;1;37mBoots of the spider[0m
– A pair of boots of the spider, allowing you to dodge web tattoos!

[0;1;37mCompendium page bundle[0m
– The winner of this item can exchange it for 5 compendium pages for the area of their choice.
– Must already be an area with existing compendium pages.

[0;1;37mA pet token[0m
– Entitles the owner to a customised pet package as outlined in HELP PETS, with a twist!
– The twist: we’ll do the writing for you! Work with the design team to have your pet idea written by us, including its reactions.
– This includes add-ons 1-4, and 10 reactions.
– We’ll also include some bonus features of our choosing… see Whirran’s snail for an example!

[0;1;37mAntiquated salvage bundle[0m
– The winner of this auction will receive 5 pieces of antiquated artifact salvage (see HELP ANTIQUATED ARTIFACTS).

[0;1;37mBow of the Hunt package[0m
– The winner of this auction will receive a level 1 artifact bow of the Hunt, with the aiming power included, an artifact quiver, and a serration rune.

Penned by my hand on Falsday, the 7th of Ivolnos, in the year 3 AC.