A Cure for Creeping Rot

In Dendara, a creeping rot scourges the very life of the Plane. It hungers, and devours everything in its path. Before now, the rot has only ever crept forward, with no way to stop it – and creep it did, nearly overtaking the entirety of the Prophet’s Hollow and threatening to turn it into a wasteland of Shadow and disease. This rot did not go unnoticed by Elder Oranis, of the Shamans, who swiftly alerted the Speaker, Listener, and Watcher of the Old World to the error. The Shamans swiftly entered Dendara, where they witnessed the rot firsthand.

Distraught, the Shamans followed an omen – a playful lantern-wisp, which lead them to an as yet undiscovered segment of Dendara, a beautiful garden surrounding a massive Dendaric oak. There, they encountered Haern, the Hunter, who revealed that He tends the garden, and that the tree protected it from the creeping rot. The Shamans, with a little help from the Sentaari, deduced that the acorns of this great oak could potentially be used to fight back against the rot within Prophet’s Hollow.

In order for the Dendaric acorns to be of use, they had to be properly prepared – and both Haern and Oranis only knew of the Seyda, Liri, who once served Lleis – she might be capable of doing such a thing. With a short search, the Shamans found Liri on Barre Arevat, and she agreed to help them. After some deliberation, Liri was able to teach the Shamans present how to germinate the Dendaric acorns, absorbing the rampant Shadow infecting Dendara and cleansing the Hollow of its rotting disease.

Finally, with the help of the Sentaari, the Shamans were able to send the infected acorns into the void, where they could never harm anything again. Now, equipped with a tool to fight back, the Shamans stand prepared to fight for Dendara better than ever.