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Changelog News Posts: 1858-1819

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1858Feb 24th, 2021BarrageNalus the LiaisonEveryone
1857Feb 23rd, 2021Tweaks & Bug fixesNalus the LiaisonEveryone
1856Feb 11th, 2021Quests & SectKeroc, the StarbornEveryone
1855Feb 10th, 2021RestorationNalus the LiaisonEveryone
1854Feb 8th, 2021War DartsKeroc, the StarbornEveryone
1853Feb 7th, 2021ImplantNalus the LiaisonEveryone
1852Feb 4th, 2021FirstAid stormtouchedRazmael, the SynthesistEveryone
1851Jan 26th, 2021Production syntax changesRazmael, the SynthesistEveryone
1850Jan 25th, 2021Little thingsKeroc, the StarbornEveryone
1849Jan 24th, 2021Style preview additionCeraenEveryone
1848Jan 24th, 2021Sciomancer StylesBraxEveryone
1847Jan 23rd, 2021Ascendril StylesBraxEveryone
1846Jan 21st, 2021Torturers' CavernKeroc, the StarbornEveryone
1845Jan 10th, 2021CustomizationsTiur, the GnosisEveryone
1844Jan 1st, 2021BooksKeroc, the StarbornEveryone
1843Jan 1st, 2021Eld FigurinesKeroc, the StarbornEveryone
1842Dec 28th, 2020PvEKeroc, the StarbornEveryone
1841Dec 28th, 2020Anonymous Encounter Instance TimerTedrunaiEveryone
1840Dec 28th, 2020AlbedosKeroc, the StarbornEveryone
1839Dec 28th, 2020Sect MilestonesKeroc, the StarbornEveryone
1838Dec 27th, 2020Chaos PortalsTedrunaiEveryone
1837Dec 23rd, 2020BarrelNalus the LiaisonEveryone
1836Dec 22nd, 2020Item GlutKeroc, the StarbornEveryone
1835Dec 22nd, 2020MailKeroc, the StarbornEveryone
1834Dec 22nd, 2020Anonymous Encounters UpdatesTedrunaiEveryone
1833Dec 21st, 2020NewbiesKeroc, the StarbornEveryone
1832Dec 20th, 2020Might Fine OreTedrunaiEveryone
1831Dec 18th, 2020MilestonesRazmael, the SynthesistEveryone
1830Dec 16th, 2020Flair, Style and Vox listsCeraenEveryone
1829Dec 16th, 2020Chaos PlaneTedrunaiEveryone
1828Dec 15th, 2020VerminKeroc, the StarbornEveryone
1827Dec 13th, 2020Identification PapersTedrunaiEveryone
1826Dec 13th, 2020The volcanoKeroc, the StarbornEveryone
1825Dec 11th, 2020Contest CooldownTiur, the GnosisEveryone
1824Dec 8th, 2020Ministry of WarKeroc, the StarbornEveryone
1823Dec 7th, 2020HelpfilesKeroc, the StarbornEveryone
1822Dec 6th, 2020TroopsKeroc, the StarbornEveryone
1821Dec 3rd, 2020Shop policiesKeroc, the StarbornEveryone
1820Nov 16th, 2020Infinite Tradeins Made FiniteAdministrator AlectoEveryone
1819Nov 2nd, 2020Design listKeroc, the StarbornEveryone

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