News and Events

Aetolia's turning 15!

Our 15th Anniversary is this month, and we've got games and prizes for you to enjoy! Find out more details here!

Celebration of the Stars - Year 460

Celebration of the Stars is coming to Aetolia for Year 460, starting July 14th! There's plenty of games to play, and credit prizes to be won! Read more about it here.

Ignaco Resort is open!

Ignaco Resort is now open! This fantastic retreat resides within a scenic area of the Vashnar Mountains. Rent rooms, relax and take in the scenery, or take part in one of the three new mini-games: Farkle, Beer Toss and Ankyrean Treasures!

Sheena's banishment

An army of skeletal vermin appeared in Enorian in Arios. Though initially denying any involvement, it was revealed the creatures had been sent after Sheena, a necromancer cultist from Mandre's tower. Several Enorians confronted Mandre, and the vermin were withdrawn. In the end, however, Sheena was banished from the city, as it was believed she posed too much of a threat to be trusted.

The Nazedha Fleet

In the early afternoon of the 6th of Khepary, a harrowing shriek and radiating green light set the southern horizon ablaze south of Enorian. Quickly responding to the scene, the citizens of the Beacon rushed to the shipyards as terrible, dark shapes pushed their way into out of the Beryl Sea and into their port with vile intent.

Hokra, an Arqeshi Priest pointed the citizens of Enorian towards the wreck of the Nazedha fleet not too far off the Enorian coast. He offered his skiff to the warriors of the Beacon and ferried them out to the ruined ships.

Barding and Taxidermy

The crafting talents of Barding and Taxidermy have made their way to Aetolia! With Barding, you can create extravagant armour for your mount, as well as other items like saddles and saddlebags. And make trophies out of your kills with art of Taxidermy!

The Forgotten Mausoleum

A battle beneath Khauskin resulted in the explosive revelation of a long-forgotten Mausoleum. Laying claim to this Mausoleum is a necromancer by the name of Belmith, of whom stories of his cruelty are still told today. Do you dare venture within to face the evils he's created?

The Keg Race

A brand new Keg Race game was held in Aetolia today! Players lugged a keg from one end of the continent to the other, all while getting steadily drunker and using special abilities to hinder each other. Congratulations to Ezalor for placing first in the race!

The Three Widows Republic

A decisive win has come about for the Dwarves and Trolls of the Three Widows region! Their new allies of Spinesreach have not only freed them from slavery, but also unified them as a people. The Three Widow Republic is prepared to find a better future alongside their allies of the North.

Conflict in the Three Widows

The Three Widows is under contention! Will the Dwarves and Trolls be protected from the Atav that wish to enslave them? Only the players can determine the fate of these people.

Three Rock stirs

After a local trader's caravan came under attack by nearby bandits from the Three Rock outpost, the city of Spinesreach mustered its forces and came to their rescue. After a fierce fight with the bandits and their leader, Gevek One-Eye, the Spireans eventually overcame the bandits and escorted the survivors back to Spinesreach.


A new Papercrafting talent has arrived in Aetolia! Craft letters, parcels, posters, cards, paper darts and more!

The Teshen Undercroft

The Teshen Undercroft was revealed earlier today, revealing a startling truth about the spirits worshipped by the Mhun. Check out events post #211 for full information!

New playable races!

Following on from the War of Night, the Ogre, Orc, Nazetu and Arqeshi have integrated themselves into everyday Aetolian life and are now available as playable races!

Character retirement

You can now retire your characters, and transfer their value across the Iron Realms!

Using the retirement system, you can permanently retire one of your characters, and add their value in credits to your account. You can then transfer those credits to a new character - either back on Aetolia, or a different IRE game.

Read HELP RETIREMENTS for more information.

Flight of the Sun Drinker

Following the political events upon the newly revealed Dehkay Plateau, homeland of the Grecht, the ancient elder dragon Tanixalthas was roused from her long slumber. After some rampant murder, the great wyrm challenged the dragon Yudhishthira to mortal combat and emerged victorious, claiming his territory as her own.

14th Anniversary

14th Anniversary celebrations are underway in Aetolia! This weekend saw the Iron Epicurean, won by Eleanor, and a Starfall, won by Trikal. More events will be happening in the coming weeks, including a Fishing contest, Great Hunt and Quiz. Read announce post 2454 for full information.

Win an arena!

Win your very own combat arena with our October giftbags promotion! Read announce post 2452 for full information.

Fall Liaison round is open

The next liaison round for the Fall season is now upon us! Get your reports in for your suggested changes within the next two weeks.

Fluidcache is here!

The fluidcache was released in Aetolia today! Similar how the cache can hold your herbs, the fluidcache holds any fluids you might need for healing and combat, drastically cutting down on the amount of vials you need to carry around with you. You can find full information about this here, on announce post #2450.

No-brainer credit package

For a limited time, we're offering a cheaper credit package dubbed the 'No-Brainer Credit package'! Read announce post #2448 here for full information.

The War of Night

Aetolia has come under attack by a legion of creatures from the Shadow Plane, lead by Ati, the Shadow. Determined to free Ohlsana, the Shadow Mother from Her prison, Ati has laid siege to the continent of Sapience. Several of the Gods were injured against the newly empowered Ati, and Auresae the Goddess of Fire sacrificed Her life in a futile attempt to halt the shadow's advance.

The Shattered Vortex

After months of rifts and demons, the culmination of events in Aetolia came to a head as Yetrent performed a final ritual to bind these rifts into a single large one. Once stabilized, entrance to a timelocked Shattered Vortex was granted to outsiders. Will you choose to help the Aztob Cult of Indorani, or the Demonsbane Revolt that protects against their heinous desires?

The Dramedo Peninsula

We've released our first major region of the Albedos continent on Aetolia! The Dramedo Peninsula contains over 1200 rooms spread across 15 exciting areas for you to explore. Come check it out!

Read for more information.

Haag got bagged

Haag, the witch of the Bog was murdered today by Barkhul, a sage from the Birka Mire. After the witch's demise, Barkhul shrouded the area with a thick mist, preventing all outsiders from entering as he constructs a village for his people.