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Politics News Posts: 1489-1450

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1489Feb 5th, 2023Holy War victoryEveryone
1488Feb 4th, 2023Election #662 ResultsEveryone
1487Feb 3rd, 2023Holy War declarationEveryone
1486Feb 3rd, 2023War VictoryEveryone
1485Feb 3rd, 2023Act of WarEveryone
1484Feb 3rd, 2023Treaty brokenEveryone
1483Feb 1st, 2023Election #659 ResultsEveryone
1482Jan 29th, 2023Election #658 ResultsEveryone
1481Jan 21st, 2023Election #654 ResultsEveryone
1480Jan 18th, 2023Election #650 ResultsEveryone
1479Jan 18th, 2023Duiran's new Presiding VoiceEveryone
1478Jan 12th, 2023Election #648 ResultsEveryone
1477Dec 23rd, 2022Election #646 ResultsEveryone
1476Dec 16th, 2022Holy War surrenderedEveryone
1475Dec 14th, 2022Holy War declarationEveryone
1474Dec 8th, 2022Spinesreach's new RegentEveryone
1473Dec 7th, 2022Election #645 ResultsEveryone
1472Nov 20th, 2022Election #644 ResultsEveryone
1471Nov 19th, 2022Divine appointmentEveryone
1470Nov 19th, 2022Divine appointmentEveryone
1469Nov 19th, 2022Divine appointmentEveryone
1468Nov 16th, 2022Election #639 ResultsEveryone
1467Nov 13th, 2022Holy War surrenderedEveryone
1466Nov 12th, 2022Holy War declarationEveryone
1465Nov 6th, 2022Enorian's new VanguardEveryone
1464Nov 6th, 2022Treaty brokenEveryone
1463Nov 6th, 2022Holy War victory.Everyone
1462Nov 4th, 2022Holy War declaration.Everyone
1461Nov 1st, 2022Treaty formedEveryone
1460Nov 1st, 2022Treaty dissolvedEveryone
1459Oct 27th, 2022Treaty dissolvedEveryone
1458Oct 26th, 2022Election #636 ResultsEveryone
1457Oct 25th, 2022SurrenderEveryone
1456Oct 25th, 2022Spinesreach's new Chair of the SecretariatEveryone
1455Oct 24th, 2022Election #635 ResultsEveryone
1454Oct 19th, 2022Election #634 ResultsEveryone
1453Oct 9th, 2022PeaceEveryone
1452Oct 9th, 2022Election #631 ResultsEveryone
1451Oct 9th, 2022Bloodloch's Thronekeeper of AshesEveryone
1450Sep 28th, 2022CeasefireEveryone

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