Hunting for Upgrades

Hunting has long been its own activity, using one or two class skills and disconnected information across helpfiles. No longer! Here comes the new skillset, HUNTING.

All guild skills involved in PvE have had their damage tied to AB HUNTING, which advances as you do: by level! That means that as you hunt, you get better at it, freeing it from the lesson system. The skillset also includes other things, like criticals and unlocking overkill. A number of new skills that will assist you in your murderous rampages have also been included, letting you regenerate health out of combat and heal yourself of afflictions. Hunting is now more accessible and more interesting! The skillset is designed to advance over your quest to level 100, though it does seem to still do things past 100…

Might – Grow stronger, become mightier.
Evaluate – Evaluate the health of a denizen.
Stamina – High stamina lets you hunt for longer.
Critical – Land critical blows against lesser denizens.
Overkill – Carry your extra damage to another target.
Respite – Begin combat at the peak of your condition.
Renew – Heal the body of afflictions that plague it.
Hungerless – Your body no longer requires constant nourishment.
Enhancement – Enhance various aspects of the self.
Tireless – The mind no longer needs sleep.
Havens – Retreat to your own personal haven.
Instill – Instill yourself with the essence of life or death.

Of course this isn’t all we have planned. Keep watching, as this is just another step in our PvE changes. What’s next?