A Hobby for your Hobby

We’re introducing a new type of skill, bought by lessons! Hobbies are RP skills that further different kinds of gameplay and interaction, separate from PvP abilities or crafting.

Beginning with the Hobby, Gaming, each hobby will involve a number of skills, titles, and emotes that let the background of your character become more integrated with the game. Are you a gambler, always keeping a deck of cards ready for fortune to ride on Lady Luck’s whim? Included in Gaming is the ability to summon tables, hold pools of gold to sanction events with, even the ability to control a deck of cards for use in any game you want to create! We’ve even added full support for as many roleplaying game dice systems as we can think of.

But that’s just the beginning! What could be next? Something to RP source all that meat you use in cooking? A way to punch your friend in the face and not involve PK rules? MAYBE YOU ARE REALLY INTO BIRDS. All this month you can find new things to obsess over.

And between you and me… when people get into a hobby, they tend to know things that others don’t about the deep world they’re lost in. So much so, that skillsets might not list the full world to the uninitiated. Have fun figuring those out!