The Guilds of Aetolia

A guild is a formal organization of players bound together by an ideology and class. (See the page on classes to read more about Aetolian classes).

Along with this generally comes a guild house for the guild members to relax and study in, as well as a hierarchy within the guild.

A guild has a number of positions associated with it. These are:


The elected head of the guild. Appoints the Patron, Secretary, and Head of Novices.


Appointed by the Guildmaster, a Secretary has almost all the powers of a Guildmaster.

Head of Novices

Appointed by the Guildmaster, the Head of Novices is responsible for ensuring that guild novices get taken care of. He or she may and should appoint a number of aides to help.


The Patron of the guild is a God, chosen by the Guildmaster. The God's role is to guide the Guild, act as the Guild's representative to the Garden, and perform a couple functions that only the Patron can perform.

Guildranks and Powers

Each guild has 20 ranks within it, each with its own rank title. For instance, as an Bloodborn, you might find your guild rank to be "A Hemic Master ." A Syssin might find his guild rank to be, "a Defender of the Ice Gate ", while a Magi might be "a member of the Council of Elemental Purity." As ranking members of the guild 'guildfavour' or 'guilddisfavour' you, your rank will slowly go up and down.

With certain ranks in a guild come certain powers. For instance, the ability to read the guild log, or to hand out guild favours and disfavour.

The Guilds

The Sentaari

Class: Monk

The Sentaari are a neutral guild of highly skilled and well disciplined monks dedicated to keeping the Balance. Walking fearlessly into the unknown, the Sentaari perfect the body into a devastating weapon through the unarmed fighting skills of Tekura. They develop the will to master mind and body, channeling energy and defying pain through the ancient skills of Kaido. Through meditation and rigorous training they embrace the mental powers of Telepathy, gaining near and remote control of other people's minds to help or hinder as the situation calls for. The Sentaari are known for their general benevolence towards others.

They will, however defend their brothers and sisters as well as themselves. As brothers and sisters, they respect each other's differences as they help and support each other in attaining their individual goals. Both solitude and community have their place in Sentaari life. Backed by strong leadership and mutual respect, the enigmatic Sentaari offer a path of growth and enlightenment to those who are seeking to develop their bodies, minds, and spirits.

The Sentinels

Class: Sentinel

A Sentinel finds equal ease and familiarity with both forest and urban environments. One moment the Sentinels are hunting fearsome creatures in the wilds of Sapience, the next you will find them gathered in the city squares and public houses, engaging in ribald revelry while boasting of their feats and exploits.

Like their cousins, the Druids, Sentinels use the Metamorphosis skill to do most of their hunting. Their shapechanging ability is legendary. encompassing such forms as the fearsome basilisk, the stealthy jaguar, or even the mythical icewyrm. They use their mastery of Concoctions to brew potent elixirs and other medicinal items to heal their injuries after a battle, or to gather precious cures to various afflictions an opponent may use against them. Unlike the Druids, the Sentinels also gain the skill of Woodlore, which allows them to summon various woodland creates to help them in battle, the ability to create various types of traps, and some general hunting abilities such as axe-throwing.

They are skilled in hunting and wilderness survival techniques. Like all of their arts, these techniques are closely guarded secrets. Suffice it to say though, that a skilled Sentinel is a force to be reckoned with. Retaining their deep love of their sylvan roots, one Sentinel expressed it best by saying, "You can be good, you can be bad, but keep it out of our forest... or else."

The Druids

Class: Druid

The path of a Druid is one spent in communion with the forests of the world. A study of Druidry demands long hours studying and listening to the trees, to the plantlife and to the world around you. This study, by its very nature, is not for the faint of heart, for very often the trees will share their pain with you.

It is with this in mind that the Druidic scholar follows a path away from zealotous light and darkness. Her path is focused on nature first and foremost, and she realizes that both too much light as well as too much darkness are bad for nature. Within this ideology, the Druid appreciates the forest bathed in shadows just as much as the forest bathed in light, so long as the plants and trees there thrive.

The study of Druidry is inclusive of three major skills. The articulate study of animal life and behaviours has developed the skill of Metamorphosis, which a Druid commands to defend the natural world. The close and careful study of plants and their properties brought about the knowledge of Concoctions, which enables a Druid to tend for and carefully harvest several of the plants growing in the wild.

But the most mystifying of all the skills a Druid possesses lie in the ability of Groves. Within the consciousness of the natural world, a Druid has the ability to commune deeply with the trees around her. In her grove, a Druid is one with the forest, an extension of this larger consciousness. It is in her grove that a Druid is able to touch the wilderness the closest, and call upon it in times of need.

A Druid never stops learning about the wilderness, the consciousness of the forest, or her skills. Nature is constantly changing, ebbing and flowing, waxing and waning, in accordance to the demands placed upon it. Because of this, a Druid's life is eternal study. If you are ready to accept this responsibility, then the Druids will welcome you as their own.

The Paladins

Class: Paladin

The Paladins guild is based in the city of Enorian, near to the former Priests' quarters. Here, they train their skills of Chivalry, Forging, and Devotion. Chivalry is the skill of the gentleman warrior and contains various swordplay abilities, the art of Falconry, bowmanship, and a smattering of other combat- related abilities. Devotion is what makes a Paladin a Paladin rather than a mere warrior. It is the skill of using the holy power that you gain from the shrines to heal, travel about the land, and damage those of little faith. Forging is a skill which Paladins use to construct armour and weapons ranging from a simple obsidian throwing dagger to a trident, to a longsword, to a suit of full plate armour.

The Indorani

Class: Occultist

Indoron- the mere word strikes terror, disgust, and dark curiosity in the hearts of mortals. Yet, there are those who fear not the caress of Despair and accept its stygian embrace willingly. They are the Indorani, speakers of Despair, conjurers of corruption, and disdained by all that is not with them.

All things die, break down, and decay. Nothing escapes the caress of Despair. This is fact of reality as most come to understand. There are those, however, who know otherwise. These entities are aware that if you serve Despair then it serves you as well. These dark souls are known as necromancers. The practictioners of the black art have an inkling of the truth but even they fall short of it. The true inheritors of Despair are the Ancient Indorani.

The Indorani are possessed of the very essence of Despair. They are its agents, servants, worshippers, and lovers. They seek to embrace despair and to exist in its favor, indefinitely, until oblivion swallows all. Some have a choice in this process, while others come about it...unwillingly.

With the essence of Necromancy, the Indorani bend the will of life and death to their whim. Using the knowledge of the ancients, they wield the major arcana of Tarot to shape the prime material world to their wills. And using the most dangerous powers within Aetolia, the Indorani call upon Domination to sign pacts with the dreaded denizens of the plane of Chaos.

The Luminaries

Class: Luminary

As the mighty phoenix rises from death, so have the warriors of Light risen from the mire of apathy and corruption. It is the Luminary who have been chosen by the Light to carry the enduring torch to reveal every shadowed corridor and brighten every darkened hall.

The guild of the Luminaries was formed shortly after the disbanding of the Priesthood and was inspired by the revelation gifted by Light to Sahmie Rhashye. Following the precepts of foresight, fortitude, and faith, the guild looks toward the future to guide their actions today.

Practicing the celestial skills of spirituality and devotion, the Luminary also wield the ancient magic that is a combination of fire and light. This extraordinary ability is called Illumination.

While members of the guild are powerful fighters, they are equally dedicated to the pursuit of wisdom and the imparting of wisdom to novices. The guild believes it is through the witness of their daily lives and the debate of their beliefs that the Luminary will win deciding victories over the dark. Also, the maintenance of their inspiration - the Great Spark - is an essential duty to all guild members. Located in Enorian, the Luminaries are loyal citizens of the Beacon of Light and fierce protectors of her sovereign ground.

The Syssin

Class: Serpent

Reformed in the year 112 of the Midnight Age, the Syssin were refounded by a group of Shadowsnakes who decided to resume their former identities. Once Guardians of the Ankyrean Order, the Syssin now only pledge loyalty to their guild and defence of the City of Spinesreach. Much like the Paladins who vow to defend their city, the Syssin will ensure safety and protection of the City of Spires. But do not confuse the ends with the means. The Syssin are equipped to be crafty and wily, and use their skills of Venoms, Subterfuge, and Hypnosis to befuddle and eliminate their enemy.

The Infernal Knights

Class: Infernal

The Infernals, sometimes called the Infernal Knights, are a guild of knights dedicated to the worship of strength and discipline. Those who join the Infernal Knights must never hide behind the protection of the gods, whether that be Divine Grace, or magically protected locations like Yggdrasil.

The Infernals are a blend of fighting, discipline, and necromantic magic. With their skills of Necromancy, Chivalry, and Forging, they are well-equipped to purge the weak and helpless from the land, or make them serve their needs. Despite their evil ways, however, Infernals maintain a strict code of honour, and their way of life is hard, often impossible, for all but the most dedicated. They do not tolerate dissent, and punishment is swift and hard for those who break the rules of the guild, or violate the honour of it.

The Magi

Class: Magi

Although the Magi remain a neutral force in the world, they are a force to be reckoned with. In keeping with their neutral stance, the Magi guildhall moves throughout the realm by magical means, setting down here and there, above the politics of any one city or region. By harnessing the power of four of the five elemental planes: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, the Magi invoke spells through the skill Elementalism to both protect their allies and destroy those who would threaten them or the stability of the Realm. Magi have learned to imbue certain objects with considerable offensive power and to craft items of great significance using their skill of Enchantment. With their Crystalism skill, the Magi can fashion a variety of crystals whose natural vibrations they harness to great effect - from healing vibrations to devastating explosions.

The Daru

Class: Zealot

The Daru are a group of monks seeking perfection following the path of Lord Rahn. They are Warriors and Seekers of the Flame. They balance their Mind, Body and Will in their strive for perfection. Tekura is the use of their body in hand to hand combat. It is known that some of the Divine are Masters of the highest level of Tekura. Illumination best represents the will of the Daru monk. Students of the light, they use their inner power to affect the world around them. Telepathy is the use of the mind to manipulate situations as they arise. They use it as an attack mainly but there are other uses for it. They can bring about the fear of their wrath in an enemy, or grant them inner peace. With a single thought they can rattle an opponent's nerves, or render him paralyzed. With enough training and preparation they can kill with one thought.

The Monastery was founded in the year 94 of the Midnight Age by a group of monks that were displeased with the stagnation of the Sentaari guild. No longer willing to accept apathy, they banded together in efforts to better serve the Light, and walk the path towards perfection.

The Cabalists

Class: Cabalist

The Cabalists are a secretive sect of necromancers who have discovered the primal link that numbers have on the physical realm, and have learned how to harness that knowledge as power to manipulate their surroundings.

In all aspects of life, the Cabalists strive to obtain vast and deep knowledge in pursuit of achieving the intellectual prowess of the ancient Ankyrean order. A Cabalist swears by the cardinal law of the guild - that of secrecy in all matters.

Cabalists draw on the powers of the skills Necromancy and Domination, exploring the theory that all organization and knowledge evolves from Chaos. Their cardinal skill, Numerology, is a much more subtle discipline dealing with numbers and thought, though its precise details remain enigmatic to outsiders.


Class: Vampire

The Consanguine, as many call themselves, are sentient with some faint similarities to their mortal selves, but as different from mortals as night from day. Though a class unto themselves, vampires have no guild. Instead, most vampires belong to one of four great Houses, each comprising the bloodline of one of the four original progeny embraced by Abhorash Nehekhara.

The Embrace is the process by which a new vampire is sired, or created. Whether viewed as a precious gift or a terrible curse, it is never given lightly; after all, one more predator means more competition for resources. During the Embrace, the body reworks itself, sloughing off the imperfections present in every mortal form and becoming more beautiful, with the grace of a predatory animal. The new suckling reawakens, but his heart does not beat nor do his lungs exchange air. He is now one of the living dead. He wakes suffering a ravenous hunger for blood, his first acquaintance with the monster that has been spawned within him.

Vampires are born of the skill Sanguis, which allows a skilled practitioner to channel the magical properties of Blood into animating corpses (including her own unliving body). Vampires' enhanced physical prowess is embodied in the skill Corpus, with which their bodies are imbued with supernatural efficacy through the use of Blood. The Mentis skill gives a vampire the power to influence the minds of mortals with his awesome and terrible undead presence.

The Bloodborn

Class: Bloodborn

The Bloodborn - vampires reborn in the mystical power of blood - are an anomaly in Consanguine society. Unlike the traditional Noble Houses, the Bloodborn are a formal guild with all the trappings thereof. This structure is echoed in the formalized rituals they conduct using the blood of friend and foe alike.

The focus of the Bloodborn is the skill Hematurgy, by which they tap into the mystical powers of blood using arcane rituals. As vampires, they also command the skill Corpus, by which their bodies are imbued with supernatural strength, speed, and resilience, and Mentis, giving them the power to sway the minds of others.

The Teradrim

Class: Teradrim

Students of the ancient Underking, the Teradrim Sect is a group of undead mages based deep within the caverns of Bloodloch. Skilled in the arts of Terramancy, which draws magic from the Elemental Earth, and Animation, with which they can model and control powerful golems, the Teradrim are a dangerous foe to encounter. Further accentuating their strength of will, the Teradrim have been taught the skill of Mentis, formerly an art held solely by the realm's Consanguine.

Established in the 164th year of the Midnight Age, the Sect's studies have expanded both their own knowledge and that of the Consanguine with which they are oft partnered. Though a kinship of undeath is shared between the two groups, lingering issues of peerage occasionally arise. Regardless, the Sect has become a respected and powerful force within the walls of Bloodloch, and continues to expand its influence as its members become further acquainted with their expansive talents.

The Bahkatu

Class: Lycanthrope

The Bahkatu Sleuth are a group of lycanthropes able to take the form of the mighty bear, gaining all of the power and ferocity of this awesome predator. They are fiercely loyal to their island home, Ashtan, and defend it with all of their might. The first Bahkatu were men and women who unleashed their rage and anger to tear apart the undead who threatened their home.

With the abilities of Ferality, Lycanthropy, and Roaring, the Bahkatu are well equipped to hunt their enemies, either alone or together as a pack, and have been known to tear their prey limb from limb when it is finally brought down.

While the Bahkatu hate all undead, the Bahkatu hold a special hatred for the traitorous Atabahi, who stole their abilities and betrayed the Sleuth in order to fight alongside the undead. The Bahkatu brook no intrusion from these corrupt lycanthropes, and any meeting between Bahkatu and Atabahi invariably leads to bloodshed and violence.

The Atabahi

Class: Lycanthrope

The Atabahi Rout is an ancient pack of half-wolf half-man creatures known to some as Lycanthropes. Having stolen their skills of mutation from the Bahkatu, the Atabahi manipulated the skills to fit their role as packhounds for the Consanguine in ancient times. Though they were once considered slaves to the Consanguine, they are greatly offended if any should act that way towards them.

The Atabahi are known also as defenders of the Undead. Their interaction with the Undead in the past has left them comfortable to keep them as allies to this day. Their den is located in Spinesreach in the Outer City.

The Atabahi study three main skills. The skill of lycanthropy lets them mutate themselves into their wolf form and assists them in their hunt. The skill of Ferality holds many of their fierce attacks with their claws and snout, and howling is a wild skill that lets them bring attacks on all who would listen.

It should be known that the Atabahi are the mortal enemies of Bahkatu, and those who associate with their enemies are often killed shortly before being driven from the rout.