Slyphe, the Dauntless

In the heart of the churning sea, Slyphe, the Dauntless, stands sovereign. Her very being sings with the cadence of crashing waves, a testament to the eternal dance of might and mastery. The Immortal mariner, whose essence is carved from the bedrock of the deep, summons the brave to stand against the storm’s roar with a smile upon Her lips.

To follow Slyphe is to embark upon an odyssey where valor breathes life into the sails of destiny. She is the beacon for those who find solace in the eye of the hurricane, whose spirits are kindled by the exhilarating drumbeat of the tempest’s challenge. Her laughter rings above the din of battle, a harmonious anthem for the intrepid heart.

In Her divine realm, a paradise is forged not from idle whimsy but through the crucible of endeavor. Slyphe's Chosen, the Heroes, are artisans of their own fate, sculpting a world where the sunlit shores of tomorrow are bathed in the glory of today’s courage.

Bear aloft Her symbols—the mighty trident, the wise astrolabe, the relentless shark—as you navigate the sea of life. They are the sigils of a legacy that transcends the horizon, the very icons that declare one’s soul a vessel for the Dauntless’s indomitable will.

Slyphe calls to the stalwart, to those unyielding before the vast unknown. Embrace the tempest, for in the heart of the gale, the Dauntless awaits, Her hand outstretched.

Slyphe the Dauntless

General Information

Her essence was created by Varian in the first epoch.
Her mortal shell is Captain Ralir, the Rogue
She achieved Their current form in the year 0 AC.
She is aligned with the water and the seas.
Her temple lies upon the isle of Libec Cay.
Her High Priestess is Evira.
Her power is beyond mortal measure.


She danced with Death and lived to tell the tale.
She battled Life and evaded His feral wrath.
She risked Herself to defend Enorian from certain destruction during the second War of the Night.
She consumed a portion of Maghak's heart, gaining control over Elemental Air for a time.
She provided the heart of Maghak to Tanixalthas, ending Their time as the Tempest.
She has been lost within Omei's dream realm and lived to tell the tale.
She created the Kelki, tailoring them for intelligence and creativity.
She has presided as a guest judge of the Iron Epicurean.
She is said to have once slain more people than the Kerrithrim with a single Immortal croak.


She is an Immortal, Her form commanding yet graced with an agile elegance, a narrative of resilience echoing the storied trials of a sea-weathered life. Her gaze, deep sea-green and cloaked in mystery, radiates an unshakable resolve, the quintessence of boundless courage shaped in the forge of ceaseless tides. Her azure skin, a tapestry of entrancing mottled blues, mirrors the ocean’s profound depths, each hue a note in the eternal symphony of the deep. Indistinct cerulean tattoos dance across Her lithe frame, their pulsating designs whispering of ancient secrets held in the ocean’s embrace. Thick aquamarine tendrils frame Her visage with an elegant sway, a silent ode to Her Kelki heritage.

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