Severn, the Manipulator (Departed)

Originally Varian's son of Reason and Purpose, Severn came to be more well known to mortals as the Artificer and Manipulator. Second only in grand designs to His Creator, Severn's name is woven throughout all recorded history as footnotes to nearly every major event that has transpired across the continent of Sapience. Given dominion over Shadow on Sapient soil, He cultivated the people of Spinesreach from Ankyrean to Republic to Theocracy, with an eye always kept out for those across the land who displayed specific talents in Artifice, Influence, Intimidation and Subversion.

His greatest work finally came to light in the waning moments of the Creator's Monomachy, wherein He attempted to do battle with both Varian and the Eschaton to take the place of Creator for Himself. Hundreds of years of planning, scheming and pulling on the strings of various forces within the realm led to His final act - emulating His own Father's desperate attempt to become all-powerful by draining the entire world of its combined might. To His surprise, however, it was His very opposite - now in the form of Damariel - that was His undoing, killing Him before His plan could be fully realised.

His myriad works yet remain in some capacity throughout the world, the far-reaching touch of the attempted Monomachial usurper having long-lasting effects upon the denizens and adventurers of Aetolia. It is perhaps only fitting that Reason's legacy be felt forevermore, the name Severn carved into the very annals of time.

Severn, the Manipulator

General Information

His essence was created by Varian in the first epoch.
His mortal shell is Argas, the minotaur captain.
He achieved His current form in the year 295MA.
He is aligned with Shadow.
He is the Ard-Dhasani of Spinesreach.
His temple is located in the Siroccian mountains.
His power is beyond mortal measure.

Previous Help File

The divinity, Severn, is the embodiment of shadow on the continent of Sapience. While His chosen form can vary wildly from encounter to encounter, recently He seems to be taking the appearance of a large Minotaur, a race which has a special affinity for Him.

The reasons for Severn's actions are as difficult to judge as one would expect. Following the twisting labyrinth of obscured actions and misdirection have tended to be fruitless efforts for mortals seeking to find His motives. Some may conclude that Severn's means might be His only ends, but the clever observer tends to notice patterns from what is generally known about the influence that point to some unknown goal. The Artificer is known for His love of bargaining and will never back out of a deal, although one may not always find this to be in their favour.

Severn's order is the hand employed to carry out His will and His tenets are the preferred tools with which they work. Artifice, Influence, Intimidation, and Subversion are found to be the most efficient means to shift and change most situations to His liking; those loyal to Him always keep an eye out for persons with talent in those areas.


He brought the Indorani to an end for their treason against Sapience.
He plotted the events leading to the death of Lanos.
He was branded 'Artificer' by the Celestine for His transgressions.
He enacted the Grand Artifice.
He orchestrated the end of the Ankyreans.


He is a Minotaur God, and always seems to tower over any who are present. The bulk of His imposing, bovine form is equipped with an abundance of thick, corded muscle, attesting to His immortal strength. Savagely long, a glossy black horn sits on either side of His head, protruding from the spot where His ears would sit if He had any. Two rows of razor-sharp teeth fill His bestial maw, their immaculate white contrasting sharply with the caramel tuft of fur that descends from His chin. Similar coloured fur adorns the God's back, like a mane, starting at the base of His neck and ending a short distance above His waist. Pupilless, yellow eyes gleam piercingly, like a lantern in fog, from within the dark brume that enshrouds the Manipulator. Shadowy tendrils snake out in all directions from His black iron hooves, responding to even the faintest motion or movement. His right arm is conspicuously absent, truncating in a fleshy stump.

(hanging from the shoulders) : a night sky scarf
(draped over the stump of His right arm) : Umbrael, the cloak of Midnight
(obscuring His form) : a haze of writhing shadows

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