Omei, the Imago (Departed)

Imago. Empress. Beast-Queen. Nightmare. Instinct.

The story of Omei was one of struggle, growth and transformation. Known to mortals by names as diverse as the colours upon Her Astral Realm, Omei carried one singular truth within Her - the instinctual understanding that Varian, Her own Creator, would one day betray Her and all of His creations. Her disdain for Varian took shape in many forms, including actively working against Him and His supporters up to and in the moment of Her ultimate demise. It was She that wounded the Celestine in battle in the final hours of the Creators' Monomachy, Her promise for vengeance fulfilled even though it cost Her life.

Omei presided over the virtue of Instinct, though it was not often She associated with that aspect of Herself directly. Instead, She chose to utilise various other paths through Her life that moved with and helped to shape the world today. There are two among these that are most notable to mortals; firstly, Her reign as Empress of a portion of the Chaos Plane known as the Astral Realm, a place where She was unquestionably feared and respected alike by the Astral Lords within. Secondly, and just as notable, was Her many years spent embracing the Nightmare, a fiendishly cunning and deadly outlook on Her virtue that drove fear into the hearts of Her enemies and emboldened Her followers to new heights.

The followers of Omei, under any of Her many guises, were varied and devout. Few of the Pantheon were and are able to cultivate as deep a reverence as what the Chromatic Court, Her closest followers, held for Her. Warriors, artists, politicians and poets, all were loved by Her, so long as they embraced the chaotic, creative aspects that She ruled over.

Omei, the Imago

General Information

Her essence was created by Varian in the first epoch.
Her mortal shell is Hioma, a Rajamala girl.
She achieved Her current form in the year 486 MA.
She is aligned with Spirit.
She claims the Seer's Wood for Her sacred dominion.
Lady Diantha of Silver is Her crown princess.
Her power is variable.

Previous Help File

Many-named, richly-storied, and widely divisive, Omei claims countless titles to Her name, but two in particular bespeak Her fullest glory: Imago of the Dreamworld, and Empress of the Astral Realm. Reigning over instinct, chaos, and dreams, She is a Goddess of emotion, perception, and will, encouraging those who seek to earn Her favor to prove their worthiness by strength and self-knowledge.

The architect of both tantalizing wonderlands and terrifying nightmares, She draws Her chosen - beloved and victim alike - into Her domains, dredging up their deepest desires and darkest fears, forcing Her followers to face what lurks in the corners of their own minds. In the cold, harsh light of the Dreamworld, hidden hopes become tangible, the path to achieving them laid bare, while lurking terrors take on physical forms for followers to battle and overcome, lest they succumb to their own nightmares.

Her path is one for the bravest, for those unafraid of the darkness within their own minds, and it was precisely this harsh, demanding aspect that placed Her in high regard by the Rajamalas of which She holds a special affinity for. Warriors and artists, politicians and poets, all are loved by Her, so long as they embrace the chaotic, creative lands She is Queen of - for that reason, the Undead are anathema, for their very nature is a slumberless, dreamless one, and She reviles them for shunning Her gift.

Her symbols are the moth, moon, and raccoon, and Her colors are violet and silver.


Her sevenfold aspects are Artist, Beast Queen, Dreamer, Empress, Imago, Maiden, and Nightmare.
Her domains are art, dreams, emotion, thought, and sensation.
She created - and was once imprisoned within - the Dreamworld.
She is one of the Diarchs of Sapient Chaos.
She was once punched so hard that She turned into moths.
She was once bum-rushed so hard that She turned into raccoons.
She plays the Moonlight Calliope, birthing the dreams of mortals.
She conspired with Maghak to slay the Muse and steal Her eyes.


She is an Immortal ensconced within a Rajamala shell of unexceptional, middling height. Her huntress' frame is young and vital despite the undeniable power She carries, pale tigerlike stripes painting her slender, sable-furred shape. Strong, wiry muscle belies Her prowess as a huntress; swirling motes of light curl through the air about Her. Despite their muted, subdued quality, they seem to catch and burn bright about the corners of Her violaceous eyes: clever, narrow, and refulgent with Immortal fire, an unmistakable tell of Her Divine nature. Her furred features are dark as night but for the silver strands of Her whiskers. The hair upon Her head grows just past shoulder length, its thick midnight mass trailing across Her porphyrous gaze and violet-lipped maw more often than not. Otherworldly eyes of vibrant violet shine forth from Her face, the irises and sclerae alike refulgent and luminous with fey, eldritch light. The mark of a rose-red moth stands out upon Her neck.

(across Her face) : a sleek blue mask
(winding across Her as vines) : pearlescent, elaborate dath of chaotic color
(set around Her neck) : a choker with moon phase charms
(slung over Her shoulder) : a bow wrought from chaos
(across Her torso) : an iridescine chain shirt
(slung across Her back) : a dhurive of multiplicitous colors
(upon the back of Her right claw) : a white star tattoo
(left to stretch down to Her knees) : a blue silk loincloth

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