Lexadhra, the Indelible

Devoured by the Source of Knowledge in the Year 407, the Goddess once known as the Ultraist, Lady of Knowledge and Mystery, is no more. With Her essence shredded and dispersed throughout the ley after Ivoln's great betrayal, the Goddess dwelt a near-century in this fractured state, tortured and driven to the brink of madness by knowledge unending and the Source's impossible gift.

No more does She go by the name of Niuri - a moniker She shuns and reviles in the modern era. In Her place presides Lexadhra, the Indelible Goddess.

She alone has bestrode the past in its entirety, uncovered every secret, solved every mystery, and heard every story spun a thousand times and more. In the guise of five Elder Gods did She bring to bear Her reformation, reborn by sheer force of will as a Virtue - sovereign to the realm of memory.

Cursed as She is with nigh omniscience of the past and all its bloody histories, Lexadhra yearns for new experiences, fresh sagas and tales to slake Her unending appetite for story. She thirsts for heroes and hungers for villains, drawn to individuals whose lives will become storied legends, their legacies permanent, their mark on history's weave undisputed.

Caring little for morality or honour, the Goddess prizes fame and infamy in equal measure. She finds the dramas of life and death, Shadow and Spirit, the perfect springboard for intrigue and histrionics. She eschews traditional values or tenets in favour of one singular demand: be interesting.

Entertain Her with the melodrama of existence and all that is inspired from it. The dull and the meek will find no favour with the Indelible Goddess, nor does She endorse peace; to be at rest is death, and the greatest of fables are wrought in times of revolution and conflict.

Lexadhra, the Indelible

General Information

Her essence was shredded and rewoven by the recondite ley.
Her shell is the notorious assassin-bard Teclah Neri.
She appropriated Her new realm in 501 MA.
She is aligned with knowledge, fame, and infamy.
She scorns all that is beholden to the Earthen Lord.
Her temple is an ephemeral vista in the Dyisen-Ashtan Memoryscape.
She was once known as Niuri, the Ultraist.
Her power is beyond mortal measure.


She was irrevocably altered by the Source of Knowledge.
She initiated the Revelation of Oblivion's Portent.
She deciphered the Celestine's true design.
She adopted the guise of ancient elders and claimed Shadow General Saglozol's soul.


She is an Immortal ravaged by betrayal and made whole from the Source. A century of tragedy has wrought Her nimble frame into an enduring story, athleticism granting Her an ascetic poise and jaded interest. Her mauve skin, whilst resembling amaranthine velvet, is naught more than the parchment upon which the record of Her myth turned lore is scribed. Splattered in djerite-black rivulets of dashes, quill-thin lines, and teardrops, the apologue of Her persistence is like so much spilled ink sopped into paper. The body paint once worn by Her host is inextricable, the markings modified into illegible tattoos that cite the invisible scars which linger still upon Her quintessence. An argent fall of nacreous white hair sluices around Her assassin-trained physique, the featherweight ends performing acrobats in the air without need for wind. Starstone bands act as millstones for the tiny, intricate plaits purled behind Her elfin ears. Void-black eyes bear strokes and flecks of violet and viridian as if Her irises were hewed from black opals. Oftentimes those fragments of iridescent colour are dulled with boredom, casting Her deific countenance into harsh, disinterested planes and saturnine shadows. Yet when She is captivated, those who receive Her interests would be arrested by the skein of Her attention, nigh compelled to entertain Her until the tale's denouement.

(covering the body) : a bone-white toga daubed in amaranthine stripes
(adorning Her hair) : a miniature, sand-crusted timepiece

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