Ethne, the Rekindled (Departed)

After Auresae sacrificed Herself during the first War of Night, Ethne was born from the actions of Avareti by joining Mebrene, the spirit of Fire with an Ogress of Enorian. A dual natured Goddess, Ethne invoked both the productive and destructive elements of fire in Her efforts to temper mortalkind into more refined versions of themselves as either the Rekindled or the Inferno. She embodied the spirit of a forger, often working tirelessly on creations for Divine or mortal alike at Her forge within the Siroccian mountains.

It was only fitting that Ethne would prove vitally important in the second War of Night, forging into existence a gargantuan bell of pure dejanite. With it, Damariel was able to call forth the might of the Guardian of the First Flame, Dejaani, and save Sapience from Immortal Darkness' reign upon the Prime.

She was murdered in cold blood by Haern, the Hunter in the waning hours of the Creators' Monomachy.

Ethne, the Rekindled

General Information

Her essence is the spirit of Fire, Mebrene.
Her mortal shell is Katshkele, formerly of the Templars.
She was united with Her current form by Avareti, Goddess of Symmetry.
She is aligned with Fire and Spirit.
She is sometimes known as gera-Makve.

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The invasion of Ati, the Shadow in 451 MA led to the sacrifice of Auresae, Goddess of Fire, heralding an endless night as the sun was banished from Sapience. Seeking to restore balance to the world, Avareti joined Mebrene, the spirit of fire, with a simple Ogress smith living in Enorian. From that union was born Ethne, the Rekindled.

A dual natured Goddess, Ethne reflects both the productive and destructive elements of fire. True to the mold of Her vessel, She remains deeply connected to Her Forge, which can be found within the Siroccian mountains. From there, She watches over Enorian and dwells in relative isolation.

There are whispers, however, that to draw Her ire is to ignite something far more devastating - the furious entity known as the Inferno.

Her symbols include the forge, the hammer and the flame.


She burned the body of Valakris, paving the way for renewal.
She forged a bell of great import, capturing the sound of the Heavenly Peal.


She is an Immortal with slate gray skin and the towering, powerful build of an adult Ogress. Dashing here and there throughout the skin are lines that brighten and dim from time to time, just like embers from a forge. These look similar to those that might come from heat scarring, done in intricate runic patterns. She has shaved Her hair to within an inch of Her broad scalp, the hue of the remaining strands in varying shades of ash. Her face is like an anvil, narrow starting at the top and staying as much to the chin, keeping a consistent width across. This provides space for a pair of deeply set, dark eyes that rest beneath bushy brows, a broad nose between and extending slightly below them, and a wide mouth set with many teeth. The rest of Her frame is thick and muscular with broad shoulders, long limbs, and matching long digits upon them.

(covering the body) : a radiant suit of armour
(worn on the hands) : a pair of radiant gauntlets
(worn on each foot) : knee-high armored boots
(pressed above Her right breast) : a large, glowing handprint
(carved into the skin) : intricate ritual scars

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