Dhar, the Underking

Lord Dhar is the embodiment of inevitability. All that exists must eventually come to an end, and all that truly lives must die.

The Underking keeps a vigilant watch over His domain; the Underhalls, realm of souls.

Represented by a crown bound by chains symbolic of duty and responsibility, His worshippers in the world of the living are tempered weapons. They follow the Underking's path, which largely promotes self-improvement.

His most loathed aspect of humanity is desperation, which He believes to be the source of mortal degradation: corruption, undeath or undying, and apathy. To choose what is easy over what is right is His antithesis. To escape or mock the Cycle is foolishness.

Dhar, the Underking

General Information

He was created by Varian in the first epoch.
He exists without a mortal shell as raw essence.
He is aligned with the Eternal Cycle.
His temple is located within the Oaken Grove.
His power is beyond mortal measure.


He is the first soul.
He rules over the Underhalls.
He obliterated Verkai, the Usurper from existence.
He obliterated Roan Seluno from existence.


He is an Immortal with an imposingly towering form, His spindly frame clad in an aged, tattered robe. A thick hood is drawn over His head, His hands appearing vaguely humanoid in form, despite being made up of a very wispy, dark ethereal matter. Nothing definitive could be discerned when attempting to gaze past His encompassing robe, though frequently one could observe what would appear to be their own contorted features peering out from behind the impenetrable blackness of His eerie visage.

(hanging from His neck) : a heavy length of anaxagorite chain
(draped about His form) : a tattered, wispy robe

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