Damariel, the Unbound (Departed)

His mortal shell, Danerran, grew up in the now-Memoryscape territory of Ashtan as a farmer, taken into slavery by the Drakkenmont Empire during their original incursion in the Midnight Age of Sapience. Eventually slain at Severn's command by his own shadow, it was Danerran's corpse that the essence of Lanos filtered into when the Axiom was sundered. The same shackles that once bound him, those same chains that Danerran wielded when standing up to the Manipulator, became a symbol of freedom and triumph for Him and the devoted Crusaders who carried His principles of Truth, Valor and Spirit throughout the land.

Damariel's actions throughout history showcase a Divine who held true to the very end of His notions of redemption and destruction just the same. He was oft at the forefront of battles greater than those of mortal-make, fighting alongside and against His own twin, Severn. It was He that sundered the Manipulator's greatest plan - an ascension to Creator - by swiftly killing Him during the last day of the Creators' Monomachy.

A staunch ally of the Eschaton, Damariel worked without compare to ensure Varian, His own Father, would fail in His efforts to overthrow Aetolia's Creator and be denied the opportunity to reign supreme in the Creators' Monomachy. In His final act of defiance against the Celestine, Damariel unwove His own existence into essence to tip the scales into the Eschaton's favour.

Damariel, the Unbound

General Information

He was formed through the sacrifice of Arion to strengthen Lanos' essence.
His mortal shell is Danerran, the freeman.
He achieved His current form in the year 338MA.
He is aligned with the Light.
His temple is atop the tidal island Barre Arevat, east of the mainland.
His power is beyond mortal measure.

Previous Help File

Plagued by the Revelation bestowed upon Sapience in the year 501 by Lexadhra, the Indelible, the God of Truth has made clear a singular goal: the protection of Sapience through Spirit by any means necessary. He is the embodiment of Truth, Valor, and Spirit, these principles wrought into existence by the Divine essence of Lanos, and the memories of Arion that fuel His form.

His call is heard by the soldier that would unflinchingly face down an enemy no matter the odds. The scholar that would deign to uncover the singular Truth in a web of artifice and lies. The healer that would tirelessly work themselves ragged for the betterment of others.

Though zealous in the pursuit of His goal, He ascribes to His followers the instruction that all are to be offered the chance for salvation. He is the promise of redemption if so sought, yet equally the promise of swift and merciless destruction if denied.

Those that would follow the Lord of Valor do so bearing broken shackles; a symbol of freedom and triumph that harkens back to the enslavement of His mortal shell, Danerran, a farmer from Ashtan.

His throne is just off the Mostyn coast, sat upon the tidal island Barre Arevat. He is oft represented by a broken chain, and favors the colors blue and silver.


He has singlehandedly closed a rift to the Shadow Plane.
He unwittingly recovered Maghak's dice from the Shadow Plane.
He lost His leg to Odravh, and wears a construct forged of starmetal.
He summoned forth the Merciless Light to banish the Immortal Darkness.


He is an Immortal timeworn by valour and burdened with truth. His unwavering adherence to the sanctity of all life has forged an implacable discipline that is as unbreakable as His starmetal prosthesis. Strength and indomitable perseverance clad His venerable frame like plate armour, defying the expectations of age, and conveying Him forth with the vigour of much a much younger being. Regardless of His stamina, the archives of His unremitting battles score Him. The intensity of a cloudburst shines in His storm-grey eyes, leaden by Divine knowledge and forced reticence. An encroachment of crow's feet spread out from around His eyes into battle trenches toward His ash-touched temples. His nose is hooked, a slight bump on the bridge from a long-healed break a remnant of His host's fight for freedom. Beneath, a close-cut beard peppered with salt encompasses His lower face, the once neatly groomed facial hair grown longer and bristled, though remaining clear of His lips often thinned in consideration. Taken as a whole, His features are that of a grizzled soldier, ready to rest, but prepared to fight on. Shorn short in a militaristic style, the burrs of His raven black hair are stippled with silver. All across the rugged, nigh leathery texture of His flesh, is the story of survival, a veteran's roadmap of scars and vicissitudes that have turned pearly white with age. Some past conflict has stolen His left limb, but as further testament to His unyielding nature, He has replaced it with the silver-gold effulgence of starmetal, neatly affixed to the long-healed stump.

(gleaming over His being) : radiant splintmail of the aureate dawn
(covering His torso) : a plain tunic
(around both wrists) : a pair of blackened steel manacles
(worn on His legs) : a pair of woolen breeches
(buckled to His right knee) : a knee-high leather boot
(balancing His left side) : a taloned leg forged of starmetal

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