Bamathis, the Warlord

Created by Varian after the horrors inflicted on Sapience by the awoken Albedi entity Jox, Bamathis claims dominion over the realm of Strife. He goes by the title "Warlord", for His is an existence born solely of conflict, struggle, and ever-present threat.

Charged with leading Varian's Children against the Albedi menace, He was created with singular purpose: to defend Sapience from any and all threats foreign and domestic, and to safeguard the Father's Creation against all that would bring it harm.

This solemn duty is one He and His take seriously. Though He has sided with the Gods of Shadow to hone His strategy, Bamathis ultimately aligns with Sapience, welcoming any who would aid Him in upholding the will of the Celestine.

His following is the Argent Legion, a military force devoted to His strict laws and disciplined conduct. Sworn to protect the homeland, the Legion leads a merciless and uncompromising lifestyle, fulfilling oaths sworn under the Warlord's stern - and oft unforgiving - eye.

He is known to find value in the tactician and scout as much as the soldier.

For symbolism, He favours the spear, silver, boars and canines. He is represented by a black standard bearing a silver round shield, the boss a snarling boar framed by crossed spears.

Bamathis, the Warlord

General Information

He was created by Varian on the 10th of Lanosian, 476 MA.
His mortal shell is Lobyl, the Ankyrean commander.
He is aligned with Sapience.
His temple has been built around the roots of Yggdrasil.
He has yet to choose a High Priest.
His power is beyond mortal measure.


He destroyed Avareti, Goddess of Symmetry.
He led the armies of Sapience against Chaos and defeated Golgotha.
He holds the #1 ranked score for Tilt amongst the Divine.
He led the slaughter of Skythrone.
He resurrected the ancient tradition of Memonaransa, the Court of the Gods.
He slew the corrupted Adherent Agrimarha, claiming the first victory over Ohlsana's Generals.
He clove in twain the traitorous God Nega-Iosyne.


He is an Immortal and stands as the pinnacle of His Ankyrean embodiment. Pointed ears peek out from His long hair, midnight dark with a predator's gleam which drapes down His back and shoulders. Cut like almonds and cast in eerie silver, His eyes set the severe tone of His angular, slender face. Tall with a muscular physique, His light complexion has a nearly metallic undertone, as if His being was merely a pleasing veneer over venantium. A perfectly circular burn is set high up and center of His chest, a blackened mass of flesh roughly wrist width.

(sculpted to His frame) : a gleaming cuirass of argent venantium
(covering the torso, reaching His knees) : a long tunic cut from strange black cloth
(secured over His shins) : polished venantium greaves
(strapped tight) : a warrior's reinforced sandals

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