Drawn upon as a source of cheap, unskilled labor and front-line grunts, tribe Urrop has typically sat at the bottom of the Nazedha hierarchy. After members of the tribe captured old Ashtani scrolls and a Grook capable of reading them in the first Nazedha invasion, they became the first tribe to master the art of shapeshifting, favoring the form of werecrocodiles.

Although the Grook escaped, Urrop now possessed an edge - using this stolen knowledge, the Urrop have gained a unique place in combat, espionage, and mobility, and have established themselves independently of the other Nazedha tribes. Urrop's influence extends to the west coast of Sapience, where they maintain a small colony named Huanazedha.

Urrop's peoples consist, following tribe Adessim's split from them, of the Lisani, Talaclaci, and Roosi; these three are common surnames among Arqeshi and Nazetu descended from the tribe.