The Blighted Island of Ulangi

Years ago, amidst a great calamity, the island of Ulangi was cleansed of all life. At least, this is what the world thought – ruined by toxic atmosphere and ravaged by the Effulgent Shout, surely nothing could survive on that blighted island. The Siroccian Geological Society has proven that theory wrong.

Headed by a senior researcher, Durentesh, the S.G.S. put out a call to all the cities of Sapience, and any wealthy investors, to come and learn about a planned expedition to the destroyed island. Although initially insisting the island was completely safe, after nearly causing a continent-wide economic disaster Durentesh revealed that the S.G.S. had found evidence of survivors. Nonetheless, the expedition was funded by the grace of its investors, and shoved off from Esterport within the week.

Many attuned with the Halls felt the ripples of death coming from the island, but the S.G.S. was silent on the matter – until, that is, mere weeks after shoving off, the Society put out a call for assistance. Advancing their timetable by years, they opened the island ferry to Ulangi, allowing adventurers to set foot on the ashen shores for the first time in decades. There, they found the budding research camp, named Lleis’ Renewal Point by its investors, and they also found a thriving hive of things that may have once been Horkvalā€¦