Year 510 Celebrations: Itinerary

Hi folks!

Year 510 is just a few weeks away and you can expect a very busy celebration with lots of games, contests, and surprises as always!

There’ll be a proper post with all the details about points and specific events nearer to the time but for now in order to give everyone advance notice, the itinerary for Year 510 is posted below.

Everything listed here will also be posted on the [0;1;37mEVENTS[0m listings shortly after this post goes up. All times are listed in GMT but with CONFIG TIMEZONE, the list will show an accurate time for your part of the world.

There will be thousands of credits and prizes on offer throughout the celebrations and hopefully we’ve curated an exciting schedule with something for everyone to enjoy.

Saturday 20th May:
– Year 510 will open with a Starfall at 00:01 (the year proper changes a few hours later).
– A daily quest will go live until the end of June.
– A themed Artisanal and Bardic contest will open until the 11th of June.
– We’ll be opening a themed design/crafting contest until the 11th of June.
– Olleo’s shop in the Harpy’s Head will reopen with a brand new selection of wares for gold.
– Days of the week promotions will be active for all of Year 510. Playing Aetolia on one of these days will have the following bonuses:

* Monday: Double milestone cap
* Tuesday: Double XP
* Wednesday: Favours for everyone
* Thursday: Denizens will respawn twice as fast after being killed
* Friday: Increased critical hits

17:00: Storytelling
20:00: Champion’s Core
22:00: Walker’s Tongue

Sunday 21st:
01:00: The Duel
17:00: Triptycha Tournament
23:00: Free-For-All

Monday 22nd:
16:00: Bait the Frog
23:30: Bloodbath

Tuesday 23rd:
23:00: The Brawl

Wednesday 24th:
23:00: A Quiz on Aetolian Lore & History

Thursday 25th:
23:00: Inquisition

Friday 26th:
19:00: Ale Run

Saturday 27th:
00:01: 48 hour Great Hunt weekend!

Monday 29th:
00:30: City Riddles

Tuesday 30th:
18:00: Egg Hunt

Thursday 1st June:
00:01: An Iron Lottery will open for the rest of the month
22:30: King’s Abdication Contest

Friday 2nd:
19:00: Freeze Tag

Saturday 3rd:
00:30: City vs City Territory Game
18:00: Hide and Seek
23:59: Poker Tournament

Sunday 4th:
19:00: Survivor
22:30: Treasure Hunt

Monday 5th:
23:00: Drunken Free For All

Wednesday 7th:
22:30: Resonance

Thursday 8th:
23:59: Fishing Derby

Friday 9th:
22:30: Egg Hunt 2

Saturday 10th:
01:00: Twins Tournament*
20:00: Iron Epicurean
23:59: Capture the Flag

Sunday 11th:
18:00: Farkle Tournament
22:30: Starfall 2
23:59: Arrival of the Party Barge!

*The 2v2 City Champions contest is retiring this year in favour of Twins – for those of you who have played Achaea, Twins is a 2v2 double elimination PK tournament similar to The Duel.

Keep an eye on EVENTS, and for another post soon outlining how tickets and prizes and participation will work!

Penned by my hand on Falsday, the 14th of Lleian, in the year 509 MA.