War Tweaks

– Conscripting new divisions (now called drafting) is now done with the CITYDRAFT command.
* HELP WAR has further details for the synatx.

– New divisions can now be additionally drafted at the town square of a claimed territory.
* The limit of 100 per a day remains, you can just choose to draft closer to the front lines if you like.
* This includes neutral territories as well, they can be drafted there.
* Whether it is held or not doesn’t matter, you can draft as soon as it shows up under your TERRITORY.
* Having enemy troops in the area doesn’t stop you from drafting either, like the barracks.

– Newly drafted divisions are no longer locked out from commands for 24 hours, instead they have maxed out march timers.
* Thusly, they won’t be able to move for one hour (or less depending on conditions).

– The march timer cooldown is now reduced to 50 minutes, instead of 60, if they are left resting upon captured land.

– Capturing land has been reduced to 10 minutes during war, and 30 minutes outside of it.
* The amount of units used no longer has any effect on capture speed as well.

– The Jaru bridge is now its own separate area to divide Jaru from connecting directly with Enorian.

Penned by my hand on Kinsday, the 23rd of Variach, in the year 511 MA.