To Honour the Zenith

It was on the mid-autumn’s eve of the 6th of Lexadian, year 1 AC, that those of Sapience first came to know of the plans drawn up by the Dragon of the North, with Lirou at the forefront, in regards to Mejev Nider Nesve wo Ti, Matati wo Eja sota Aran wo Aransa. Regent Virelen proclaimed to all the intent of not only seizure and reclamation of the statue on behalf of her city but also the refurbishment and unveiling of it as a monument, tribute, and commitment to the legacy of Severn, the Zenith. Hoplites and archers lined the area near the stony behemoth’s base, daring those of the rest of the continent to pass them in their dutiful watch and protection.

Some weeks passed as plans were drawn up, the harsh weather of winter’s bite nothing to those stoic divisions, and basic measurements were taken as engineers of Spinesreach worked through what would be required to ensure this plan was seen to a success – and without the whole thing tumbling into the Mhojave, too. It came to pass that two items would be of utmost importance and required by those of Spinesreach in order to see this plot through: a plan to handle demolition of the head and singular arm, as well as schematics of how the newly-added head would be laid out.

So it was that the 2nd of Severin, year 2 AC, saw these requests transferred to the Regent of Spinesreach and the Chief Engineer, Dr. Pietre Marcelli. Handling this operation and overseeing much of the labour and objectives to come, Assistant Engineer Burkhart Straton also had vital information to pass off at this meeting that could very well see to the plan’s undoing if left untouched. Though hard to see in a day’s travel and due to the sheer scope, the Assistant Engineer informed this duo of the slight lean that the immense guardian of rock and marble had taken up. Perhaps as an effect of the events of the Creators’ Monomachy, that particular point remained unclear, but what was clear was that stabilisation of the entire structure would be necessary.

As the final preparations were checked off and the protesters grew in size and volume, the 1st of Ios, year 2 AC saw the true might of the Theocratic state brought to bear. Swarms of Spirean citizens converged upon a planning area at the feet of the fled Creator’s effigy and began in earnest to provide their various capabilities in support of their goal.

Those of the Conclave of Magic took to stabilising the statue one hairsbreadth at a time, their varied magical professions all serving to work at ensuring it was righted. The Grand Library is unable to confirm that their efforts were successful, though they proved not to further endanger the structure’s overall level. Those of the Conclave of Devotion saw to the armed divisions of Spirean military might, keeping individuals within them prepared, aware, and focused. Those of the Conclave of Seers saw to the more menial task of gathering specific dimensional measurements at and within the neck and head of the statue, both of which were necessary for the upcoming demolition and eventual rebuild. Those of the Conclave of Science and Nature were stuck preparing the bombs and ensuring that the engineers were well-stocked. The Conclave of Arts, rather than have work around the statue itself, saw to the designs and schematics of and within the new head.

More generalised tasks found able hands, including constructing defensive fortifications in the form of fences that held back protesters and made their marching much less successful. Patrols were conducted in and throughout the many-floored nooks and crannies as protesters and avian predators alike were flushed out. Groups of angry, sign-wielding, anti-divine individuals were dispersed in short order by violent means, a stern presence, or the offer of recruitment for a better purpose. Those who declined or were unlucky enough found themselves slain, and their heads piked in warning to other protesters. Food and drink were brought by the armful, supplying the men and women of Spinesreach’s military with some simple comforts of home, even if they had weeks yet to go for the overall success of their mission.

Meanwhile, the Regent supplied the plans for demolition, which contained invaluable insights provided by her explosives expert Mharduz. Outlining a strategic approach to modifying the monument of the Creator, her aim was to ensure precision and minimal damage to the structure. Given the potency of the explosives required, there existed a considerable risk of collateral damage to the monument, which was beyond acceptable for the Spirean leader’s plans. Thus, she outlined an approach consisting of the Archivists’ mastery over Rafic temporarily enhancing the stone’s resilience while simultaneously having Sciomancers on hand to manipulate gravity and increase the structure’s malleability. Too far in either direction could lead to catastrophe, but failure was never an option.

The 18th of Dharos, year 2 AC, saw the groups of mages(?different word?) align at the monument’s base, where they showcased their mastery over each of their domains. Finding a rhythm to their enhancement of structural integrity, what began as a slow pendulum of back-and-forth soon swelled with success as they married insight with control. When the moment was right, the signal was given, and Assistant Engineer Straton lit the fuse that wound high up, up, up. Silence seemed to claim even the protesters in the moments between its ignition and the ringing clamour that boomed forth next. All but one of the gathered Spireans survived the trio of blasts, with Karune instead witnessing the immense collection of strategically placed fusebombs and sonicbombs up close.

The first to fall was the right arm, its stony bulk smashing into the ground and subsequently shattering into thousands of pieces. Nary a moment later, the head of Varian Celestine likewise slid free of the only space it had ever known, tumbling forth until it, too, was obliterated into marble nothingness amid a clouded dust storm. When the dust cleared, the efforts of Spinesreach were made clear for all of Sapience to see, but they weren’t done yet.

Wasting little time, once materials were brought forth and stations set up, the 5th of Chakros, year 2 AC, saw the good Doctor be the first to chisel into material meant to occupy the statue’s newly-vacated headspace. Then another joined, and another, as citizen after citizen slowly filtered in to provide their assistance with working through the plans devised by the Conclave of Arts. Hundreds of blocks were shaped, assembled, put in place, and settled forevermore during the next few weeks until Bazias made the final strike of chisel against stone, and the venture was declared finished on the 23rd of Chakros, year 2 AC.

In total, fourty-two individuals gave their support to the efforts that resulted in the newly cristened Zenith’s Vigil. This undertaking was never something that a single individual could take on, nor would that be the Spirean way – for it was only through the unity of their conclaves that such a monumental design could bear fruit. Their efforts will remain for all of Sapience to see, and for the gaze of the divine Minotaur to forevermore cast forth unto the land that He died for.

Penned by my hand on Tisday, the 9th of Omeian, in the year 2 AC.