The Worldeater Saga, Part XXVIII: Delve’s Grand Debate

Upon the three-hundred-and-thirty-seventh day of the Creators’ Monomachy, the Free City of Delve gathered together their citizens, political candidates, and ceremonial speakers for the purposes of a grand debate.

In the days leading up to the debate, the Delve Election Committee conducted a highly secretive and rigorous process to select a speaker for each political candidate per the terms of an ancient Hevan custom of diplomacy and democracy. In addition, the committee hurried to select a ‘voice of the people’ that would be capable of conducting things in an orderly fashion, as well as one that possessed no bias towards nor relationship to any of the candidates. After a grueling process of multiple weeks, the Marhoth known as Salarin was selected as this election’s moderator. Known only as a humble fruit merchant, the behorned man was equal parts surprised, elated, and awestruck to be selected for such a sacred duty.

Upon finishing introductions, Salarin instructed the three candidates to don the ceremonial golden masks per Hevan tradition. Tonzal (represented by Meleah of Enorian), Loethan (representged by Legyn of Spinesreach and Myrnma of Duiran), and Talas (represented by Pietre of Spinesreach) settled their masks upon their face and proceeded to the center of the clearing as the four speakers took their places at the podiums. While Meleah and Pietre prepared their opening statements for their individual candidates, Myrnma and Legyn saw to a division of labour after both were selected to speak by way of a mysterious clerical error. Eventually, it was decided that Legyn would provide the everyman’s opening words. The crowds of citizens murmured in consideration as they heard every heartfelt word from these brilliant orators, though they hushed themselves to silence upon hearing the first question.

For almost a full day, the four speakers fielded questions about myriad topics ranging from policy and planning to religious bans and conspiracy theories regarding the Council of Five’s motives. At every turn, each of the four Sapient spokespeople provided intelligent, passionate responses bespeaking their individual care and investment in the divergent campaigns. As the festivities came to an end and Salarin called for closing arguments, it was Myrnma that spoke to the gathered crowd on behalf of Loethan, joined once more by Pietre and Meleah. With plenty to think on, the Free City’s populace milled out into the city at large and sought voting booths to cast their ballots with chosen candidates in mind.

At dawn’s first light upon the three-hundred-and-fourty-nineth day of the Creators’ Monomachy, voting closed and ballots were soon consulted to tally up the will of the people.

As one city concerned itself with the mundanity of politics, another across the ocean carried out an act that would change the course of the Monomachy…

Penned by my hand on Kinsday, the 25th of Chakros, in the year 512 MA.