The Worldeater Saga, appendix f

The following arrest warrant has been issued by the Lord Horvatz, Seneschal of the Guard, and remains in effect while the subject is at large.

Warrant Number: DLV-6843-EA

Subject Name: Elene Arcan
Approximate Age: Unknown, believed to be some three centuries or more
Profession: Unknown

Crime scene artists and witness accounts have allowed us to provide the following hand-drawn likeness:

[Drawn in liberal brush strokes is image of an agile female personage likely of Djeirani origin, though with vaguely amphibian extremities and digits.]

This heinous individual’s list of crimes includes but is far from limited to:

– Unlawful assembly (18 counts)
– Failure to disperse (19 counts)
– Disturbance of the peace (43 counts)
– Malicious bedlam (4 counts)
– Vandalism (12 counts)
– Arson (6 counts)
– Reckless endangerment of civilians (38 counts)
– Incitement of riots (36 counts)
– Escape from lawful custody (66 counts)
– Resisting arrest (66 counts)
– Slander (41 counts)
– Witness intimidation (2 counts)
– Failure to appear before magistrate summons (51 counts)

Bounty hunters and justices of the peace should be advised that the subject is extremely dangerous and likely armed. Approach only with extreme caution.

Penned by my hand on Quensday, the 25th of Niuran, in the year 511 MA.