The Worldeater Saga, appendix e

The following record of investigation is provided to us by an anonymous source in the Free City of Delve’s justice system:

AUTOPSY REPORT – Free City of Delve Justice Department

SUBJECT: Investigation of Assassination – Council Member Veran, Master of Revelries
DATE OF INSPECTION: Quensday the 14th of Lanosian, year 511MA*
LOCATION: Ecclesiarchy Investigation Branch #27
INSPECTION COMPLETED BY: Dr. Lysandra Thorne, Forensic Examiner.

NAME: Veran Eldriss
AGE: 77
RACE: Ursal
PROFESSION: Member of the Council of Five.
HEIGHT: 2.2 meters (approximate)
WEIGHT: 210 kg (approximate)
HAIR: Dark pelage, moderate length.
EYES: Green, with a hint of amber near the iris.

Puncture Wounds: Eight slim puncture wounds are noted, surrounding the neck and shoulder region, each approximately 3mm in diameter and ranging from 1-2cm in depth. Toxicology will determine if any poison was introduced.

Blunt Force Trauma: A significant contusion, approximately 10cm x 8cm in size, can be seen on the left side of the deceased’s jaw. The impact force fractured the mandible and resulted in the displacement of several teeth.

Facial Punctures: Five smaller puncture wounds, each about 2mm in diameter, are present on the right side of the deceased’s face. The wounds are consistent with a secondary attack instrument or possibly defensive wounds from a smaller creature.

All the wounds indicate a sudden and swift attack, possibly from behind, surprising the deceased.

It is believed that the assailant had close proximity to the deceased, indicating familiarity or a potential breach of trust.

We have called all civic workers on staff in the Fora for immediate questioning. Only authorised personnel have access to the building, making it likely that the assailant either had legitimate entry or had accomplices within.

A potential witness, name withheld for security reasons, has reported seeing a shadowy figure leaving the Council chambers shortly after the time of the suspected assassination. Investigations are ongoing.

All information contained within this report is confidential and should not be disclosed without proper authority.

*: The Grand Library felt it would be in the best interest of informational clarity to convert this date to Sapience’s much less esoteric calendar.

Penned by my hand on Quensday, the 14th of Lanosian, in the year 511 MA.