The Lair Re-opens

The Lair beneath Azdun, once the Malevolent’s favoured haunt, is now accessible once again by going IN from v1804.

The pit at the northeast corner of the Lair will take you into the Endless Battlefield, a hunting grounds with infinite prey. Note that this area has unique mechanics; you can read HELP ENDLESS BATTLEFIELD for more details on this area. This is an endgame level area for experience but will not produce corpses or gold. [0;1;31mThis area is Open PK.[0m

Entry deep into Iosyne’s tunnel network beneath Sapience is also possible from the maw in the centre of the Lair. There is additional hunting to be found here… and maybe something more…

Penned by my hand on Quensday, the 8th of Ios, in the year 508 MA.
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