The Enmity of Scolrys, Part XX: Chaos Realignment

Lanu Du’s gaze became more oppressive with each passing day, the ravages of Nazedhan raiders and cultists reaching far and wide across Sapience. Priests of Fundamental Chaos cried out wild exultations and brazenly erected shrines within city territories and public spaces, and Its bloodthirsty warriors marched the land in search of places to pillage and faces to strip from corpses as proof of their zeal. Even as the Theocracy plotted how to contain this problem and turn it to their advantage, Huanazedha’s fervent marauders sieged the gates and streets, putting citizens and commonfolk to the sword in hopes of spilling more blood to empower the Mad God.

As the worship of Faceless Madness intensified, so too did Its touch upon the Prime Material. It began to answer the calls of certain devout adventurers with no preference between shouted exaltations or whispered prayers. Each word passing their lips was as an incantation of summoning, pulling Its touch and Its minions to this world and filling the realm with vexations of Chaos gremlins that ran riotous across the North’s streets. Made now into an epicenter of Chaos worship, the city took measures against these interlopers by way of cunning plot and genius science.

Several citizens of the Theocracy employed enterprising thought processes in hopes of capitalising upon the terrors of It That Woke, including devices meant to secure, contain, and profit from the presence of these rapacious entities. Despite the clear safety hazards of their protocol measures, the North soon found a rhythm that allowed them to bind and contain the gremlins that attacked, though for what reason remained a mystery to the realm at large. With every gremlin incursion came startlingly powerful visions that captured Sapience entire in their chilling gravity, and the Fiend of a Thousand Featureless Faces assumed many guises in an attempt to capture the trust and worship of adventurers the world over.

As the Dragon of the North ventured forth towards ascension and prosperity amidst the tumult, the Sanguine Fist continued the labours of training Agranoth in preparation for the Threefold Alliance’s war plans. After several imperial officers raised concerns for the spider’s safety, the city swiftly enacted a joint effort to forge hilunite armour to fit the arachnid in a protective embrace. Though they possessed little time, the Empire proved their efficiency and determination by forging enough scales and links in a breathtakingly swift campaign, ensuring that their loyal war-spider would have ample protection when the time came to strike out against the city’s Northern enemies.

With all the pieces arrayed, the Alliance made their final preparations and agreed that the hour drew near…

Penned by my hand on Falsday, the 23rd of Slyphian, in the year 3 AC.