The Enmity of Scolrys, Part X: Faith’s Awakening

In early Sapiarch, Lanu Du’s influence upon the realm intensified.

After felling her final victim within the halls of Tiyen Esityi, the Tekal cutter known as Leira finally achieved the vaunted state of Azudim. Upon her ascension, the baleful warrior renounced her faith in the Dark Mother and swore herself to the Faceless One – a declaration she made to the realm at large. After slaying several of her comrades as a display of her martial skill and proof of her claim as the champion of Madness, Leira departed to find Varach Scolrys, who she called ‘the Prophet of Lanu Du’.

In response to the murder of a beloved vassal, Xa’azamit, Empress of Chaos (may she live forever!) made her presence known upon the Prime. Speaking through a myriad-mouthed herald, she decreed that the North – worms, by her approximation – would be held to account for the death of Akna. Though she kept her visitation brief, she promised the realm that Spinesreach would pay for their crimes in some manner before rendering Boube lifeless as warning to the depths of her ire.

Later in the month, the time for restitution arrived.

Summoned to Umbral Chaos by demand of the Empress, may she live forever, the Dragon of the North swiftly mobilised before her. It was there that the city put themselves through an increasingly embarrassing array of tasks to amuse and please the Empress, may she live forever, including brutality against one’s own comrades, cuddling, singing, and even the promise of Boube as a permanent court jester. When the reigning monarch detected the invasion of Lanu Du’s servants, however, she grew grave. She dispatched Aki to deal with the nuisance even as she set her sights upon extorting the city for all it could offer for her troubles.

What ensued was a battle for the honour of the Empress, may she live forever. Utilising his ascendant might, Aki engaged in pitched battle with Vorthrax, a devouring Chaos Lord sent to maraud Umbral Chaos and do further damage to Xa’azamit’s court. Not to be outdone, the experienced adventurer tore shreds from the invading Lord and utilised these fragments in myriad ways that increased his mastery of Chaos energies. As this bloodied duel proceeded apace, Architect Legyn continued to increase the Spirean debt counter with a promise of ten million gold – something that caused his fellow citizens to balk and blanch even as the Empress, may she live forever, leaned forward with greed in her beautiful eyes. Though a great deal of haggling ensued, the Empress – in her infinite magnanimity – instead settled for seven million gold and one hundred beating hearts. With these hearts, she declared, she could elevate a new vassal in place of the Malformed Maiden.

It was only after his fellows departed that Aki returned with the flickering remains of Vorthrax. Though he was initially unwilling to hand over the being’s remains, Xa’azamit offered to elevate him to the status of Umbral Nobility for his troubles if he would turn them over to her care. With the matter settled, she bathed him in the immense power of a true Chaos Lord, transforming him into something new, raw, and strong as the ultimate reward for his service.

In the final weeks of Sapiarch, the realm felt a disturbance from the Iernian Fracture as Leira, Lanu Du’s self-proclaimed champion, laid low one of the colossal eld lurking within the depths. Though she spoke nothing more to the world, many adventurers set about gossiping about the potential meaning of this disturbance and others attempted to investigate the surrounding area for clues – an activity that yielded naught for answers.

As the world grappled with the ripples of Chaos upturned, however, Varach Scolrys continued to advance his schemes…

Penned by my hand on Falsday, the 6th of Dharos, in the year 3 AC.