The Enmity of Scolrys, Part II: Emergence

In the final days of Slyphian, a ghastly sigh rattled out from the bones of the Vashnar Mountains as something stirred behind the gates of subterranean Qor Qogol. A susurrous symphony arose from the depths of the Hlugnic Labyrinth as atramentous vapour pushed out from beneath the door situated within its depths. The pestilent cloud ravaged the very air it travelled, sowing the macabre perfume of rot and death as it sailed out into the world at large.

Leaving a ghastly trail of sable smoke in its wake, this dark Hlugnic wind set an unerring course towards the dreary town of Mournhold. Like an arrow loosed from a taut bowstring, the foul haze darted downward in a tight spiral that touched the sandy earth outside the irradiated airship wreck. Particle by particle, the gaseous profanity swiftly solidified into the short, stout, and angular form of Varach Scolrys. Paying no heed to the gathering crowd of adventurers, the infamous necromancer’s expression darkened as he drew upon his ancient sorcery, the sheer force of his invocation dimming the light around him as he imprinted his will upon the recently slain hoplites still rotting within the coarse-grassed dunes. As one, they sprung up to obey his will, serving now as his honour guard.

Finally, he turned to address the waiting crowd. The Dragon of the North swiftly set themselves at the forefront of the conversation, with Dr. Pietre Marcelli steering the conversation towards the necromancer and Qor Qogol’s intentions with the Demon Blade mere steps away from his place of emergence. Forthcoming in demeanour, Varach revealed that the weapon was of Hlugnic make and was thus an artefact of cultural significance. He explained that its very existence was proof of the Hlugna’s master craftsmanship and magical talents, as it was a sentient weapon with an infamous legacy to rival that of even the most legendary adventurers. As several members of the crowd pushed forward and made nuisances of themselves, Scolrys revealed that his temper yet remained hot even after the terrors of Night and Monomachy both, with his dark arcana turned upon them without so much as a warning.

Though Varach humoured many requests for information, he expressed shock and dread when told that Ruin, the most infamous prisoner of the ancient weapon, had managed to escape its depths. He admitted that the Hlugna intended to use this weapon to imprison threats aligned with the Sanguine Fist, going so far as to claim it could imprison even the Goddess of Corruption and that She deserved such a fate for Her crimes against Varach’s people. The ancient sorcerer remained firm on seeing the Demon Blade returned to the hands of his people and took great pains to examine it for any damage or changes since last he had set hands upon it. As he did so, he told the Dragon that he would be willing to entertain an alliance on Qor Qogol’s behalf if they would forsake any claim to this prized piece of Hlugnic heritage – something that many citizens initially seemed quite willing to do. Rejecting any notion of communication with Chakrasul’s representatives, the necromancer instead concerned himself with discussing the treaty terms with Elene and made the demand that no follower of Hers be present for any proceedings.

Turning next to the present Vanguard of Enorian, Varach once more intimated that his people hoped to work alongside the Hammer in pursuit of the Sanguine Fist’s destruction and even went so far as to say that their previous actions could be forgiven if so. Though Vanguard Inthirath Karthi took time to consider his words, he made clear his suspicions on the matter: that the Blade was a dangerous artefact that required attention and safekeeping to ensure it did not bring further ruin to the land. The necromancer then turned to the Spirean delegation and told them he would allow them two weeks to decide on a course of action before dispersing into a foul wind that whisked itself back to Qor Qogol to prepare another assault upon their sworn enemy.

As the city-states of Sapience scramble to assemble plans to further their aims, the Court Mage’s plans continue to unfurl…

Penned by my hand on Kinsday, the 25th of Slyphian, in the year 2 AC.