The Ascendril and Bloodborn Rework!

Hello folks!

The big time is finally here after a long wait, the mechanical rework of both Ascendril and Bloodborn!

The first thing I want to state is that this is a MECHANICAL rework. So if you’re particularly fond of their current themes, rest assured, they still maintain them in plentiful spades.

Secondly, I don’t really think our wonderful two mage classes need too much introduction, so let’s jump straight into what you might be able to expect with the rework.

Some quick things to know!

– Each skillset is still named the same, nothing new to remember there.
– Only Elemancy / Humourism and Thaumaturgy / Hematurgy got a full rework.
– Arcanism / Esoterica got some slight additions and changes.
– In particular, Resonance / Aspects mechanics got a very large workover and act more like gates to bigger spells.
– It is now somewhat more heavily focused on securing kills through damage like you perhaps would imagine a mage might.
– Still based around the INTELLIGENCE stat, so no need to consider alternatives.
– Overall, it is a more simple design to understand and get into.

For those of you who enjoy hunting (or perhaps informing others), you will find the first spell that you learn will now be Missiles in Arcanism and Victimise in Esoterica. After that, as you increase your ranks in Elemancy / Humourism, you will unlock three spells that you can utilise in PvE that correlate to each of the elemental types they are under. HUNTING SKILLS will show you in full which ones will work in PvE.

Other then that, I feel the class is best learned through reading it’s AB files then me going into depth here!

Lastly, a big thanks to the classlead council for their help in testing the class and seeing what they could break. And a thank you to Emellan for his help in writing the new / updated skill messages for the class, and Razmael for helping out with final polish where needed.

Read on to see the change log that affects everyone:

– New Affliction: Etherflux.
* It is cured by drinking the infusion elixir.
* Taking elemental damage from any source while afflicted will cause a bonus effect:
* Fire – Causes blurry vision.
* Cold – Causes impairment.
* Electric – Causes epilepsy.
– The ‘dissonance’ affliction now strips a random defence every 9 seconds.
– The ‘dissonance’ affliction is now classed as a physical affliction.

Arcanism / Esoterica
– Removed skill: Replicate.
– Removed skill: Prism / Triplicate.
– Missiles / Victimise reworked:
* Now works as a bashing attack you obtain early on.
* Shifted down in the skillset to near the beginning.
– Arcaneskin / Panoply cutting and blunt resistance lowered to 16%, down from 24%.
– Countercurrent / Forestall chance to proc increases to 20% when channeling.
– MirrorMastery / Sozedeti replaced with MirrorDelay / Sozedeti (reused).
– Sagacity / Acumen replaced with Vivacity / Acumen (reused).
– Transfix / Enthrall replaced with Colourspray / Shadebind.

Sorcery / Runecarving
– Removed skill: Replicate.
– Removed skill: Spellguard / Sanctuary.

– The type of elixir you are sipping is now visible to others.

Elemancy / Humourism
– Completely reworked, you’ll have to read the AB files.

Thaumaturgy / Hematurgy
– Completely reworked, you’ll have to read the AB files.

– Consciousness now gives you 2 wisdom, instead of unconsciousness immunity.

Gravitation / Sporulation
– Attunement / Ravencap no longer interacts with dissonance.

– Divorced arm balance from the @eqbal token for custom prompts.
– Added the @armbal token to custom prompts for arm balance so you can set it up how you like.
– Added CONFIG PROMPT SECONDARYBALANCE for default prompts.

You may also noticed that I have mysteriously peeled out some skills from our other set of mages as well… Not to worry! They will make a return at a later date. Ominous.


Penned by my hand on Closday, the 6th of Severin, in the year 5 AC.