PK Issue Etiquette

Hi folks,

I just want to remind people about a couple of PK-issue related things:

First, as per HELP ISSUES, if you have a grievance with another player, please do not use ISSUE ME. You need to issue the alleged rule-breaker directly so they can give their side of the story and let us make a judgement. We won’t be providing judgement calls or take action based on ISSUE ME.

In all cases, you should issue the person actually causing the grievance. In cases where there are multiple offenders, you should issue them all and not just one.

Secondly, you cannot issue on behalf of someone else. It is up to them whether to issue or to resolve things their own way, and I’d ask that you please respect the wishes of your friends when considering this.

Lastly, issues are for you to communicate your problem to the admin. They are not a platform to rant and rave at the person you’re filing it against and they are not the venue to make a case for punishments or other subjective commentary about how bad people are. Please keep them concise and factual.


Penned by my hand on Tisday, the 2nd of Variach, in the year 508 MA.
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