Orrery Update

Hello folks,

The Orrery gets a small update to its system today, hurrah! No longer bound to tethers, ANY faction and its members may now vie over its bountiful rewards. That’s right, you can attempt to gain its bonuses as either:

a) A city
b) A guild
c) An order
d) A congregation
e) A clan (here come the rogues!)

If you are successful, then all members of that organization will obtain its bonuses.

In order to attune the Orrery towards your chosen organization, you must ORRERY SUPPORT before you INFUSE the Orrery with any orbs of essence you find. If you choose no one, then it will default to your city.

We’ve also changed up the rewards you can gain from the Orrery:

Level 1: Gain a 5% increase to critical hits.
Level 2: Increased gold drops from denizens by 5%.
Level 3: Balance/equilibrium recover faster when fighting denizens.
Level 4: An increase of 3% to both dodge and divert chance.
Level 5: A bonus of 5% extra healing in health/mana from elixirs.

Level 1: 5% bonus to shadow damage audit (spirit-aligned), or 5% bonus to spirit damage audit (shadow-aligned).
Level 2: Gain +1 to celerity during the day (spirit), or night (shadow).
Level 3: Small bonus chance to gold drops at day (spirit-aligned), or night (shadow-aligned).
Level 4: At noon (spirit), or midnight (shadow), stats are set to 21 and gain increased balance/equilibrium recovery.
Level 5: Small increase to health restored by elixirs during the day (spirit), or night (shadow).

Just keep in mind the rewards might see adjustments as we go, depending on how useful or lacklustre they end up being.

Finally, for the next Orrery event in a short while, I have switched it over the the Scattering contention type. In the past, it mattered which type of essence you grabbed, but now since all organizations can contest it, you can grab any essence type to infuse it into the Orrery for points.

Whomever has the highest point during its active period will gain an attunement point towards the Orrery. If a different organization from the attuned gains higher points in a round, then it’ll knock them back down an attunement point. At zero attunement, it can switch to the organzation who wins the next round.

However many attunement points the winning organization has in the end will be the Orrery level until its next unlock.

That’s all for now, enjoy!

P.S.: I intend to work a little bit more on Orrery in the future, such as getting it switching between Scattering and Assimilation. Stay tuned!

Penned by my hand on Tisday, the 8th of Variach, in the year 507 MA.
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