New Division Types

Hi folks,

We have some new war updates here as we grow closer to completing the first iteration of the war system. Each city will now find that they have three different division types to select from in CITY CONSCRIPT TYPES. These types are the Archer, Soldier, and the Cavalry. Each type has some unique abilities that you may wish to know about in order to gain an upper hand in war.

At the very least, I recommend you obtain at least 200 of each type to begin with. Once you feel comfortable with the new division types, feel free to make your army consist of any type you like. Just keep in mind, different types cannot MERGE with each other.

The types are:

The archer division type will automatically fire upon enemy divisions that march into an adjacent location next to them, however they are slightly weaker then other division types in battle.

In order for them to fire, they must be in formation after marching, and only one archer division per room can fire (multiple can fire if they’re spread out in different rooms).

The soldier division is the bread and butter of the military. Only this division has access to the FORTIFY, CAPTURE, and CHARGE orders, and the associated orders that go along with them.

The cavalry division is unique in that it can march an extra 10 rooms before having to rest. They also enter into formation after marching quicker than other types and suffer no malus to their march speed. These divisions make for quick strikes against the enemy.

There is also the Militia type, however for now its not particularly relevant and mostly reserved for NPC divisions right now.

Along with this are some changes to the base war system, which you can find out below:

War Changes
– The display for CITY CONSCRIPT TYPES has been updated.
– Fortified divisions are no longer immune to adventurer’s attacks.
– After the last marching order, divisions now enter into a defensive formation after five minutes.
* While in formation, they become immune to adventurer’s attacks until they march once more.
* Formation is also relevant for certain effects, such as the Archers ranged attack.
– The amount of troops you can field at once is now increased to 600, up from 500.
– ORDER REPORT STATUS will now show you the strength level of your division.
– Divisions will no longer follow after players that attack them.
– All existing divisions have been converted to the Soldier type.

You can find all this information in HELP DIVISIONS if you need it.

That’s all for now!

Penned by my hand on Kinsday, the 9th of Lanosian, in the year 506 MA.
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