Multiclass updates

Hi folks,

We have some changes today to address specific aspects of the multiclass system, making things more manageable for newbies and those looking to swap sides.

[0;1;37mNewbies and joining guilds:[0m
These first two changes are intended to solve the issue of certain guildless classes (Wayfarer, Bard, Indorani, etc.) being a roadblock for newbies looking to join a guild since they would previously have been blocked by those multiclass requirements:
1) One of your guild’s classes will no longer count towards class slot usage.
2) You can now join a guild without needing all your classes ‘mastered’ or having an available class slot.

When you join a guild, you will obtain one of its classes automatically without any of the previously required normal multiclass restrictions. Standard multiclass requirements still apply if you want to pick up the guild’s second class.

The requirements to obtain ‘permanent’ class status (i.e., you keep the class when leaving the guild) have also changed. Besides reaching GR2, you must ensure that the class will fulfill multiclass requirements if you leave the guild. i.e. you must have a free class slot for it and have your other classes mastered.

In addition to these changes, there has been an update to swap your guild class with the guild’s other class, should you find the need. To do this, you can CLASS SELECT QUITTING . For example: CLASS SELECT REVENANT QUITTING SCIOMANCER. This will still result in the normal loss of lessons.

[0;1;37mSide swapping:[0m
For those looking to swap sides, we’ve made the following changes:
– You can now CLASS MIRROR for 1200 lessons to transfer your skill ranks to that class’ mirror.
* This only works if the class mirror is unlocked and the normal apprenticeship fee/multiclass requirements remain there.
* If you have investments in the class and its mirror, it will combine them in the class you’re transferring to.
* If that puts you over Transcendent, any leftover investment will remain in the original class, and you will need to FORGET its skills to get its lessons back at the standard rate.
* Since you cannot class switch to Praenomen while being a duamvi and to Akkari while being undead/vampiric, this command will not work on those classes in the same circumstances.
* This represents a significant discount over the lesson loss of just quitting the class to get your lessons back.

– If you already have a class unlocked, you can pick up its mirror without requiring/consuming a class slot. For example, if I have Revenant, I can pick up Templar without needing a new slot.
* Please note that, as mentioned above, this will not apply if you own a mirror of your guild’s class and that class is using your free guild class slot.

– Cityless people can now CLASS SWAP TETHER for 50 lessons to change their mechanical tether without joining a city. This can only be done once per game year.

That’s all for now!

Penned by my hand on Quensday, the 17th of Haernos, in the year 2 AC.