Lover’s Carnival

Easy Katy’s Lover’s Carnival has returned to Aetolia!

Located at v63108, you’ll find the area stocked with various goods from past years of Valentine’s Day events including transmutes, minipets, and other items. This shop uses ‘a wilted flower’ currency which you can currently get through the milestone shop. You can purchase up to two per day with bronze keystones, and also trade them to other players if you so wish! The shop in the carnival itself will also allow you trade previous Valentine’s currencies into wilted flowers.

Additionally, you’ll also find a chapel in the area attended by Amias, a slightly disreputable officiant that will allow you to elope with the love of your life*. It will cost you 10,000 gold to ELOPE WITH and does not require any waiting period like a normal engagement/marriage.

The Lover’s Carnival will remain around until the end of February. Happy eloping!

*By eloping you accept that the magnificent Amias Ahava Edric Yasir bears no responsibility in the success of the union or conduct of partners thereafter.*

Penned by my hand on Kinsday, the 13th of Chakros, in the year 2 AC.