July in Aetolia

Hi folks!

Just like that, June is gone and that means our artifact cart, lesson sale, and salvage promotion must come to an end! Celsto has concluded his expedition across historical sites of Aetolia, meaning he will no longer provide notebooks for a daily quest. Perhaps we’ll hear from him again one day!

In addition, our Iron Lottery winner is: Kalena! Congratulations on winning a thousand credits, Kalena! Aside from the departure of the party barge on July 9th and remaining days of the week bonuses, that concludes all the remaining commemorative activities of Year 510. What a blast!

With the start of July comes our new promotion: elemental coffers of fire and water! Much like the elemental coffers of shadow and spirit from last August, you will find options for choosing either of these coffers over at [0;1;37mwww.aetolia.com/credits[0m.

Here is what you’ll find inside these elemental treasure chests:

All Coffers

– Credit prizes ranging from 33 to 500
– Iron Coin prizes in batches of 25 or 50
– Artifacts ranging in value from 50-2000 credits
– Chocolate bags, elemental globes, silver chalices, morphic metal, patriotic firework displays, and a low chance at antiquated salvage.
– Compendium pages for: the Spiral of the Corrupt, the Squal, Maestral Shoals, the volcano, Mannaseh Swamp, the Endless Battlefield, and the Tarblack Marshes.
– Style points to acquire most any style your heart desires.
– Transmute beetle vouchers*

* These vouchers can be exchanged in the shop at ‘before the bridge to Esterport’ (v1180) for transmute beetles (see HELP TRANSMUTE) of all armour types themed for fire and water, as well as previous options we have left in the store! The vouchers can also be traded in for 10 credits using PROMO TRADEIN.

Water Coffers

– Three new minipets: a cranky dragon turtle hatchling, a baby mako shark, and an adorable baby leviathan.
– Iterators for the new STORMY vox.
– Caches of relic pieces for: everfull, hunters_horn, hunters_knife, compass, vigilant, grapnel, water_shield, and the new chrys_fountain relic!

Fire Coffers

– Three new minipets: a tiny hyriamah hatchling, a smoldering flameling, and a lava-loving gastropod.
– Iterators for the new INCANDESCENT vox.
– Caches of relic pieces for: everburning, hunters_horn, hunters_knife, compass, vigilant, grapnel, fire_shield, and chrys_embers.

All coffers will also award one or more consumables that do not count against your value. These include, among other things, immolation bombs, siphoning devices, sets of obsidian scales, pills of omnipotence, and the commonly sought after preserved, yellowed eyes!

Relic caches will open for either one or two pieces depending on the piece value. There is also now a global prize of 500 credits for every 500 elemental coffers opened. Last but not least, there are also coffers up for sale in the milestone wares: one of each, for a gold key each!

In spite of the party barge soon departing, we intend for this July to be a busy month here in Aetolia, so stay tuned for excitement on the horizon!

Penned by my hand on Quensday, the 25th of Niuran, in the year 510 MA.