Holy War Update!

Hello folks,

Bit of an update to the Holy War system! Where once there was simply a single method to achieve victory, there is now three! You can complete any victory type in a Holy War in order to win – they all run concurrently.

Shrine victory
– No different from before.

Offering victory
– Raise a minimum of 5,000,000 shrine energy from the start of the Holy War.
– Only denizens slain by your hand will count towards this total.
– Once achieved, you must be 30% ahead of the opposing Orders offering total.
– If all above objectives achieved, then the Holy War will be won.

Slayer victory**
– Kill the opposing Order members 25 times in total.
– Each Order member you kill only counts once to the score per Howling.
– If achieved, the Holy War is won.

**NOTE: While this one is a bit harder to achieve with the cooldown, keep in mind it is intentionally skewed towards a smaller Order that is up against a bigger Order with more members. That is when it should become much more achievable.

The idea here being is that it should help all Order members have something they can likely work towards to help the Order, and likewise make it a little more fun to participate in. Do note at its heart, it is still somewhat reliant on PK.

Miscellaneous changes
– The Piety research bonus has been lowered to 50%, down from 100%.
– Having three monuments (the max) now notifies the Order when someone defiles a shrine regardless of where the shrine is.
– The grace period is now a bit more random to make it harder to control when a Holy War begins.
– Shrine energy gained from Holy War victory can exceed the 5,000,000 SE maximum.

The file HELP HOLYWAR has been updated with all the new information so you can refer to it on a glance.

That’s all!

Penned by my hand on Tisday, the 17th of Niuran, in the year 506 MA.
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