Happy New Year! January in Aetolia

Hi folks!

Depending on where you live, it should be 2024 or will be very soon – so Happy New Year to you all! It’s now January which means we’re saying goodbye to stockings (your platinums should now be full – enjoy!), and welcoming back the Wheel of Fates! The Pantheon relic set also sees a return as one of the possible prizes from the Wheel.

Logging in for at least an hour each day earns a free spin and premium skull tokens with higher value prizes can be obtained from the Aetolia website at www.aetolia.com/credits!

Those who obtain skull tokens can SPIN WHEEL OUTER SKULL up to three times to determine their prize category followed by SPIN WHEEL INNER SKULL to win prizes from the following:

Outer Wheel – Credits:
Credit prizes (unbound) ranging from 33-250.

Outer Wheel – Iron Coins:
Iron Coins (unbound) ranging from 20-100.

Outer Wheel – Lessons:
Lesson prizes ranging from 250-500.

Outer Wheel – Artifact:
Artifacts ranging from 50 credits in value up to 2000 credits in value.

Outer Wheel – Items:
Chocolate bags, elemental globes, fireworks, customisation certificates, discount vouchers, compendium pages*, minipets**, style scrolls*** artifact tattoo tokens, a low chance at morphic metal and antiquated salvage.

Outer Wheel – Relic:
Coffers containing a piece from the Pantheon relic set, refer to HELP PANTHEON RELICS for more information.

* Pages this month include: Maestral’s Barrier Reef, the Welto Trench, the Isle of Ollin, Luzith’s Lair, a deep underground cavern and Tak-re.

** Minipets this month include: a miniature bladespider, a flaming skull, an iron-clawed crab, a grey-furred opossum, an enchanted white paper crane [0;1;37m(NEW)[0m, a pyrotechnic fire elemental [0;1;37m(NEW)[0m, a woodland cuckoo [0;1;37m(NEW)[0m, and a luminous lantern spirit [0;1;37m(NEW)[0m.
** [0;1;37mSpecial note: the paper crane minipet is dyeable![0m

*** Styles available this month are: stiff, ghostly, starry, elegant, gory, loud. There is also a chance to obtain style point currency for the shop at v76367.

HELP WHEEL OF FATES now has all of the up to date information! Purchases of tokens also reward Guild and City credits, there’s a 500 credit bonus on every 500th spin! You can also find a skull token in the milestone wares for January!


Penned by my hand on Quensday, the 4th of Celes, in the year 1 AC.