Flintbeard’s Backyard

Hi folks!

I’m writing to announce a new 3-player holiday dungeon: Flintbeard’s Backyard!

Within, you’ll find a series of brand new challenges to overcome, each themed to the festive season in some way.

The entrance can be found at v74620, but note: [0;1;37mYou will need to have completed Flintbeard’s Lair to be able to enter![0;37m

Completing the Flintyard will award giftbags (you can only get this reward once per howling, but you can do both this and the Lair to get two per howling), a new fame, and autographs which can be spent at Gilbert’s shop.

The shop has some new wares that can only be purchased by those who complete the Flintyard instance!

This new dungeon (as well as the original Flintbeard dungeon) will be open for two weeks until January 14th.


Penned by my hand on Tisday, the 12th of Ios, in the year 507 MA.
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