Cyber Monday special

Hey folks!

For the next 24 hours we are offering a special, one-off package of 6 elemental coffers for $20.99!

The package contains one of each elemental coffer – fire, water, earth, air, shadow, and spirit! This is quite a deep discount for six offers and can only be purchased once per character.

Within these coffers you will find the usual things like credits, artifacts, compendium pages, iron coins, consumables, and other goodies – including the respective minipets, voxes, and relic caches usually found within those coffers! For reference, that means you have a chance at pieces for the following relics:

starchart, diplomacy, observereyes, super_ear, plumage, tempestuous_shield, and compass.

chocobag, exploremirror, gorget, lifesense, seeds, tectonic_shield, and ilmenitebracer.

everburning, hunters_horn, hunters_knife, compass, vigilant, grapnel, fire_shield, and chrys_embers.

everfull, hunters_horn, hunters_knife, compass, vigilant, grapnel, water_shield, and chrys_fountain.

shadow_shield, shadowshroud, veil_darkness, phyl_shadow, flair_shadow, hunters_horn, hunters_knife, super_ear, and diplomacy

spirit_shield, spiritshroud, veil_light, phyl_spirit, flair_light, hunters_horn, hunters_knife, super_ear, and diplomacy.

To take advantage, visit!

Penned by my hand on Quensday, the 19th of Lexadian, in the year 0 AC.