Combat & Class Updates


  • Soulburn and soulfire have been renamed to agony and accursed.
  • This is to better accommodate it as a general affliction for mirrors.
  • Fixed a bug where lightwound is blocked from random curing methods when you have deepwound.
  • Originally lightwounds could not be cured if you had deepwound in development, but this is currently not the case.
  • Fixed being able to cure crippled throat with mending while you have smashed throat.


  • When afflicted by aeon, firstaid will now try and smoke/eat/apply even if you are afflicted by something like asthma that would ordinarily block it.
  • Ideally you can use this alongside priorities to stack together cure commands and break out of aeon more easily.
  • Fixed Firstaid not respecting heatspear when trying to cure ablaze.
  • Fixed Firstaid logic when trying to cure lightwound/deepwound with poultices.
  • You can now FIRSTAID UNELEVATE ALL to remove all elevations.
  • Updated FIRSTAID HELP to split up the syntax options, since it was getting pretty long on its own.
  • Added FA as a shorthand alias for FIRSTAID.

Sect of Blades

  • The Crown of Omens now has no minimum amount of people with hostility against you in order to obtain its effects. However, like Hunting Ground items, it is now disabled within sect/arenas.


  • Fixed Shadowprice Leech not correctly accumulating shadow debt.
  • Hew equilibrium recovery time increased to 2.4 seconds, up from 2.
  • Repay now utilizes unmodified equilibrium when recently used.
  • It is no longer possible to use SHADOWPRICE while you have weariness.
  • Shadow debt forgiveness via timer now consumes some health when it recovers.
  • Ruin equilibrium recovery time increased to 2.2, up from 2.


  • Momentum now grants a 15% accuracy bonus while active.
  • Barrage limb damage reduction per hit is now applied only when blows are landed.
  • Skullbash order of afflictions per bruise has been changed:
  • Level one bruising now causes whiplash.
  • Level two bruising now causes indifference.
  • Level three bruising now causes smashed throat.
  • Quake damage source has been changed to brute, instead of magic.