August in Aetolia!

Hi folks!

August has arrived and that means we are saying goodbye to elemental coffers and instead welcoming something new: [0;1;37mSpoils of Creation[0m!

Spoils can be obtained from the Aetolia website under artifact packages and opened for a variety of prizes, many of which are themed around the cosmic phenomena unfolding in the current Worldeater event.

Spoils are valued somewhat higher than cryptic chests (as always, we aim for a [0;1;37mminimum[0m of 30% bonus over buying straight credits, the average return is higher than this), and contain one or more prizes, including:

– Credit prizes ranging from 23-500

– Iron Coins in batches of 15, 25, or 50

– Various artifacts ranging in value from 50-2000 credits

– Chocolate bags, elemental globes, chalices, style points, customisation certificates

– Ambience tokens

– Antiquated salvage

– Compendium pages for: Eftehl, Mannaseh, the Statue of Varian, Liruma Crater, the Underbelly, and Polyargos.

– A selection of new minipets: a sublimely scaled, sidereal serpent, a meteoric minigolem, a strange, celestial winged avian, a starry-eyed coyote pup, a nebulaic dragonfly, and a cosmic-crowned hermit crab.

– Style scrolls for the new [0;1;37mCOSMIC[0m style

– Meteoric shrapnel, these can be [0;1;37mOPEN[0med to obtain pieces for several new cosmic-themed cosmetics: cosmic_shield, chrys_cosmic, phyl_cosmic, flair_cosmic, vox_cosmic.

– Ephemeral relic coffers* containing pieces for: sunspear, sangchoker, keeneye, dreamscape, repair, dissonance, resplendence.
* NOTE: These relics are all consumed on use or are temporary and will eventually decay. Pieces for them now trade in for 30 credits each.

Spoils of Creation DO award organisation credits, and as always, every 500 Spoils will trigger a global prize of 500 credits in one of the next 50 to be opened.

There’s also a Spoil in the milestone wares for one golden key!


Penned by my hand on Quensday, the 11th of Khepary, in the year 511 MA.