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Public News Post #6542

The Cycle and Undeath

Written by: Sardara
Date: Monday, January 17th, 2022
Addressed to: Everyone


Death represents a cap and in its remembrance one finds the only path to strength, freedom and truth. The individual who is aware of their death knows the true value and worth of all things, from the smallest fleeting moment of frivolity to the necessity to strive for competence and greatness. In its simplest form, death is a transitory state from life and all its dreams, into memory. The power of memory extends far beyond ones own lifetime; a natural immortality being found within the Cycle. Meanwhile the Earthen Lords creation represents the wellspring of never ending desperation. In its remembrance is stagnation and apathy; all sense of urgency lost to decay. The capacity to dream and innovate severely hampered and over time removed entirely, the capability to achieve immortality in memory surrendered.

Cast aside the falsehoods, cast aside their lies. Cast aside the desperation of the Earthern Lords children.

Those who follow the path of the desperate mention disease found within the Cycle without understanding that in truth, it is a blessing to all who look upon it with intent. Disease encourages the individual to strengthen and overcome, to seek cures, methods of enduring and strive towards that which is right. Without disease, the undead find no challenge in their existence and with that, comes no improvement. It is a weakness of their Fathers creation that removed from them is the chance to test their own determination and capability.

These truths can be seen manifested at present. Every city-state of note is ruled over by mortality, whether it be Sryaen in Enorian, Caitria in Duiran or Inkh of Spinesreach, a leader of the Syssin who do not recognize the supposed power of their allies in undeath. Even the Progenitors great city, led by Elene; an individual who is truly alive but states that the matter of existence is not relevant to the question of strength, thus rejecting this apparent gift. The idea that the undead are inherently superior to the living is found lacking, do not allow yourselves to be deceived by their lies here, you are worth more than that.

Be Strong, Embrace the Cycle.
Reject the Apathetic, Cleanse yourself, your city and this continent of undeath.

To any of the undead or Consanquine who see the truth of these affairs and are desirous of a return to the Cycle but fear recrimination. The Underkings followers are open to you, you are guaranteed assistance towards a cure and safety among their number. No questions will be asked and no answers expected.


Penned by my hand on Falsday, the 25th of Ios, in the year 500 MA.

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