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Public News Posts: 6840-6801

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6840Sep 25th, 2022Notice of ChroniclingLinneEveryone
6839Sep 24th, 2022Call to ArmsPentarch Kalena EmersonEveryone
6838Sep 24th, 2022Conquest over Shadow in the sandsDevout Elene Arcan-TetzauhEveryone
6837Sep 22nd, 2022The Waterfyre FestivalFirestarter Roux AquilaEveryone
6836Sep 22nd, 2022The Greatest Joke Ever ToldIesid MulariadFirestarter Roux Aquila
6835Sep 22nd, 2022Enorian Waterfyre AuctionFirestarter Roux AquilaEveryone
6834Sep 22nd, 2022The First Grand CrusadeSir Benedicto SilverainEveryone
6833Sep 21st, 2022Deeds, Great and SmallSaidenn Tetzauh Ash'aji ArcanEveryone
6832Sep 21st, 2022A lessonPentarch Kalena EmersonSeurimas
6831Sep 21st, 2022Re: BlameSeurimasIesid Mulariad
6830Sep 21st, 2022The Blame GameIesid MulariadSeurimas
6829Sep 21st, 2022Duiran's War of NightSeurimasEveryone
6828Sep 20th, 2022Duiran's War of NightSeurimasEsrytesh Sibatti dur Naya, Kin of Vo'acha
6827Sep 20th, 2022BereftEsrytesh Sibatti dur Naya, Kin of Vo'achaEveryone
6826Sep 20th, 2022Your EndHigh Commander Xavin TaziyahStrategos, Aros Riahl, the White Rose
6825Sep 20th, 2022Loss, Gain, and the DragonStrategos, Aros Riahl, the White RoseEveryone
6824Sep 20th, 2022SpinesreachThrice Hallowed, Bulrok, Oje Dibi ViruEveryone
6823Sep 20th, 2022Shut upLieutenant Tetchta V. Mesis, The TickInkh, Director of Shadows
6822Sep 20th, 2022Oh Right, the YlemInkh, Director of ShadowsEveryone
6821Sep 20th, 2022RemindersYureti VirelenIesid Mulariad
6820Sep 20th, 2022Outrage and OnwardsInkh, Director of ShadowsEveryone
6819Sep 20th, 2022The Will of the LandIesid MulariadLegyn, Architect of Progress
6818Sep 20th, 2022Proclamation of BloodDevout Elene Arcan-TetzauhEveryone
6817Sep 20th, 2022Some wordsKnight-Commander Sryaen Kavoros, the SpectreLegyn, Architect of Progress
6816Sep 20th, 2022SapienceLegyn, Architect of ProgressEveryone
6815Sep 13th, 2022The Indelibility of ArroganceLieutenant Tetchta V. Mesis, The TickEveryone
6814Sep 4th, 2022Swiftness and PrecisionLord Rijetta Alhazrad, Vafot wo FeyjaWatcher Illikaal Aresti, Kin of Takaros
6813Sep 4th, 2022Rijetta The PunchlineWatcher Illikaal Aresti, Kin of TakarosLord Rijetta Alhazrad, Vafot wo Feyja
6812Aug 28th, 2022MirrorsLord Rijetta Alhazrad, Vafot wo FeyjaEveryone
6811Aug 28th, 2022Matters Most MilitaryIesid MulariadInkh, Director of Shadows
6810Aug 26th, 2022Yozik, the FairThrice Hallowed, Bulrok, Oje Dibi ViruEveryone
6809Aug 23rd, 2022The BloodwoodMyrnmaEveryone
6808Aug 18th, 2022RISE, MY KIN.Lieutenant Tetchta V. Mesis, The TickEveryone
6807Aug 18th, 2022ForgivenessEsrytesh Sibatti dur Naya, the Seven-EyedEveryone
6806Aug 17th, 2022A WarningHerald Whirran Arcan-TetzauhEveryone
6805Aug 17th, 2022Do notEsrytesh Sibatti dur Naya, the Seven-EyedLegyn, Architect of Progress
6804Aug 17th, 2022JokachLegyn, Architect of ProgressEveryone
6803Aug 14th, 2022Your WordsIesid Mulariad"Shadowlord" Rhyot Vyktaire, Master Chaos Being
6802Aug 14th, 2022Bite your tongueLieutenant Tetchta V. Mesis, The Tick"Shadowlord" Rhyot Vyktaire, Master Chaos Being
6801Aug 14th, 2022"We WaRnEd YoU.""Shadowlord" Rhyot Vyktaire, Master Chaos BeingEsrytesh Sibatti dur Naya, the Seven-Eyed

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